24 Apr

I know I promised that I would post some more pictures last weekend, but on the very day I started this blog my main PC caught a trojan. Both my anti-virus software and two experts told me, that it would be better to format my hard drives and start anew. Theoretically not that big a problem, except I had to wait a couple of days before my better half had copied files off her account (which was unaffected by the trojan). Once that was finally done (this Thursday or in other words eight days after the problem started) I had to find that Windows does not make it too easy to format a drive containing the operating system.

When that was finally behind me, I only had to install Windows anew. After that, I found that the driver for my wireless card was not the right one. Which takes me to the second computer problem I had in the previous days… the graphics card on my laptop had decided to die last week, which essentially cut me from the WWW. So I had no chance to download the driver at my place and I had to take  a tour to my parents to download the driver for my wireless card. But as you can see things are finally going uphill.

So once I have installed the driver for my card reader and photoshop I should be able to post those promised photos. So fingers crossed I should be able to do that today. Until then… beware of huge wooden horses!

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Posted by on April 24, 2011 in Computers, General


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