Preussische Fussartilleriebatterie Nr. 12

30 Apr

OK, so this is my next post in the ongoing quest to show some Napoleonic units. This time it is the Preussische Fussartilleriebatterie Nr. 12 for the battle for Möckern (Völkerschlacht von Leipzig). The Miniatures are Calpe and I have to say… they were a real joy to paint. They offer lots of character and detail. On the other hand they have nice pronunced folds in their clothing, which suits me, since I am mostly using dry-brushing techniques for larger areas.

Complete battery

Preussische Fussartilleriebatterie Nr. 12, the complete battery

If you look closely at these pictures, you will see I am using different grass tufts then in the previous posts. So far, I have used Early Fall tufts from Noch. They were really good, but a bit on the expensive side and very uniform in shape and size. I have now switched to Silflor mixing Early and Late Fall tufts. About half the price and the fact that you can get very small and very large tufts in the same set is huge plus for me. The flat grass is normal static grass. Actually it is a blend of two varieties, but in the end just normal static grass pressed into white glue.

Running up 6pdr

Running up 6pdr

Firing 6pdr

Firing 6pdr

Firing Howitzer

Firing Howitzer

I really like the NCO´s on these bases. I feel the mixture of Prussian blue uniforms with the black, red and yellow and the collars and cuffs (I know it should have been gold lace in this case) just looks amazing. So I am leaving you with a close-up of one of them.

Prussian artillery NCO
Prussian artillery NCO

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3 responses to “Preussische Fussartilleriebatterie Nr. 12

  1. Allan

    April 30, 2011 at 13:42

    The look like they would go nicely with the new Perry Prussians 🙂

  2. DHC Wargames

    May 6, 2011 at 08:23

    Got my (plastic) Perry´s the other day. They are noticeably silmmer, so I would not mix them in one unit. Otherwise I think they should go together fine. I shall write a review for Martin Kelly´s “Befreiungskriege” blog as soon as I find the time.

    • Burkhard

      June 8, 2011 at 09:19

      Having finally finished the review, I have to change my first judgement somewhat. After removing a few of the Perry plastic Prussians from their sprues and placing them besides some Calpe, I have to say that they go together better then I had initially though. so I would even mix them within one unit.


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