GMB Flags & what happened to this place in WWII

31 May

Today my packages were in the post. One of them was by GMB flags. Now I have been using his flags for almost a decade now. All my ACW units have them and when I started doing Napoleonics they were the first choice as well. Now about a month ago someone complained on TMP that he had received bad service, which came as quite a surprise, since I never got anything but exceptional service all those years, including a custom flag at request. Actually Grahame would be on my top 5 prefered retailer / manufacturer list. All this happened at about the time, when I realised, that I had bought half his Prussian range, but none of the flags I needed for Möckern (honestly… not a single one). So I ordered what I needed through his new webstore. Got a personal message back within the day, an automated message that everything had been shipped within 48 hrs. and everything arrived in perfect order. Not sure why someone seemed unhappy on TMP, but I can only give my complete endorsement for GMB Flags.

My GMB order

My GMB order

Regarding WWII. The area I live in has the highest ration of unexploded ordnance from WWII in the whole of Germany (and no I am living nowhere near Dresden. Now this means that whenever someone wants to build anything on their land, it needs to be checked for bombs, shells, grenades and ammo. First step is to look at aerial reconnaissance pictures or plans for German defences. If these show hits without telltale crater, have too many shadows or show a position step two is to have everything probed. If that comes up positive step three is bomb disposal. I have seen my share of the later when I was still an officer on active duty in civil defence. Now we are planing to add some sun roofs to the house, so a check was due. Yesterday I got a call from magistrates saying that we got the all clear after step one. We were only subject to intermediate artillery shelling. So now I know what happened here 66 years ago.

There will be another post in a couple of minutes.


2 responses to “GMB Flags & what happened to this place in WWII

  1. von Peter himself

    May 31, 2011 at 21:54

    I’m with you on the GMB flag front. Excellent flags and generally good service …. though he may occasionally go on holiday. What a cheek!! 8O)

    von Peter himself

  2. Burkhard

    June 1, 2011 at 07:29

    I am with you… how can he even dare to go on holidays! 😉


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