All the best laid plans

09 Jun

When I started with my Napoleonic Prussians I approached the project like I always do… I began with research. Most important thing for me is, that I get things right. The first step is to take a look at pictures, drawings, paintings and the like to make sure I will get the colours right. With modern minis this is usually it, since equipment is extremely standardized and the biggest differences you can get are patches (if at all). On the other hand, the more you go back in history, the more every unit seems to have a unique uniform. You can find great books on uniforms that cover this, like “British Napoleonic Uniforms: A Complete Illustrated Guide to Uniforms and Braids” by C.E. Franklin. The big problem is that Prussia seems to be largely ignored in this field. So you have to go through tons of webpages and books to find the information you need. Unfortunately this is often contradictory, so you have to try to verify it with the odd Knötel print or just make a choice. So this is what I did a couple of weeks ago. I then put my notes down into one nice notebook (which also holds my colour combinations) for easy reference.

My uniform notebook

My uniform notebook

So far so good. Now all I would have needed to do, was look at my notes. 😦

Right now I have another unit of Landwehr on my desk and when I finally looked at my notes, I realised, that I had made a couple of mistakes when I painted the 13te a couple of weeks ago. For one Schlesische Landwehr has white buttons and not brass ones like I painted. And the straps on the muskets were made from brown leather, not whitened leather. So I had to return to them this week and fix it. To be honest, it is no fun at all to do these things (especially small stuff like the buttons) on minis that are already based as fours, so it took a couple of hours, but now they are finally historically correct.

3tes Battalion, 13te Schlesische Landwehr

3tes Battalion, 13te Schlesische Landwehr after the corrections were made

Two other notes. Now that I have the ability to check how this page looks on an iPad, I was able to make a few changes to it (unfortunately only visible to the iPad readers out there). The most prominent is a cover image.

The other thing is… last week I hit 5 subscribers and this week over 5000 clicks on the blog. Now these are small benchmarks (and might be laughed at be people blogging for years), but they mean a lot to me and I would like to thank everyone who has visited this blog so far and has subscribed to it!!!


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