Modern WIP

14 Jun

Well this weekend saw another bank holiday weekend. Yes there are three of those in Germany this month (unfortunately I can only make use of one as I have most of the month off anyway). We spend this one with my better half´s relatives in Thuringia. Now I usually take some minis along, either cleaning them up or painting them, depending on how much we expect to be going on, on those visits. this time I opted to take some along to paint. While the 12te Schlesische Landwehr is still not finished, I could not take those along due to the way I mount my Napoleonic minis for painting. So I took moderns and WWI minis along. I did not get to those WWI minis, but the rest were tackled.

First up were a set of 8 modern Russians from Red Star. My initial idea had been to do them in the Russian version of woodlands, but then I searched a little on the internet and came across a new Russian “mountain” camo and went for that. Like the men on this photo, I wanted them to wear vests in a green digital pattern.

Men from the Russian 34th Mountain Brigade

Men from the Russian 34th Mountain Brigade (photo from

Now the digital pattern is extremely sublime, as is on the original vests. I have read that you can see hardly any variation in colour in these, when they are issued. From what I have read, this is due to the poor quality of Russian dyes and that they are meant to show their real color variation after the first wash. Not sure if this is true, but I wanted to depict them unwashed.

Red Star Miniatures painted in Mountain camo

Red Star Miniatures painted in Mountain camo

Now the rest are a huge batch (29 minis) of modern US in ACU camo. The minis are a mix of the old Devil Dogs Designs and TAG from their SWAT range. These are meant to double as both infantry from a Stryker Brig. as well as an Airbourne Brig. when finished. I deliberately did not sculpt helmet covers onto those TAG minis, since I came across a lot of photos showing men without helmet covers recently (especially amongst jump qualified units). Now these are only partly finished so I am only showing two out of the 29 here. Left one is DDD, the right one TAG.

Partly finished ACU (left DDD, right TAG)

Partly finished ACU (left DDD, right TAG)


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