A new job & US halftracks

26 Jun

Many things have changed here in recent days. Except for the sad news in my last post, I have taken on a new job (which is good news). Well, this is not entirely correct. For the past 3 years I have been self-employed, so it is not really a new job, but a job. Back then it had been a necessity. When I was finished with university and my two years of mandatory internships, the market was flooded with people from my profession and it was bleeping hard to find a proper job. While those past 3 have not been bad, they sure were far from good. While there were month when I made good money, there was also a 5 month streak in 2009 when I made no money at all. And there were those times when I took on contracts that meant I was away from home for week after week. Not entirely what you are looking for. With the economy picking up and three 3 years of experience under my belt, I decided to try finding a proper job again. So as off last Monday I am working a proper job again. What else… I finally got to finish the next unit of Prussian Landwehr. Unfortunately the weather has turned bleeping poor here in Germany, so I have not had a chance to varnish them yet. So no photos. But I decided to give you something else instead. Now these were done about 2 years ago. The halftracks themselves are Corgi and I did not repaint those. While it would have made sense (after all one is Canadian and all three have slightly different colours and different camo), I found that removing the stowage that was on the models was hard to get off and the basic shape of them would have made re-marking them quite hard. Since the weathering on the these is actually nice by Corgi standards, I decided not to repaint them. Instead I added lots of stowage from Victory Force and some backpacks from a Hobby Boss Sherman kit. The crews and Infantry are Victory Force (with one exception). Getting the driver into the cab proved quite hard, since you have to dismantle the whole kit, which is not only screwed together, but also glued together. But in the end, this is the finished product.

3 Corgi M3 Halftracks

3 Corgi M3 Halftracks

Corgi Lim. Ed. American M3

Corgi Lim. Ed. American M3

Corgi unlimited American M3 (gunner by Brent Dietrich)

Corgi unlimited American M3 (gunner by Brent Dietrich)

Corgi Lim Ed Canadian M3 (now pressed into American service ;) )

Corgi Lim Ed Canadian M3 (now pressed into American service ­čśë )

View of the inside

View of the inside

In the end, it was well worth the effort to add crews to these. It simply add so much life to a vehicle!


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