US Army Armo(u)red Recon

29 Jun

I have been working long hours this week, so no further progress on the minis tha are on my table. So here is another blast from the past.

Now these were done six or seven years ago and looking at them today… I think I really need to go back and do some more weathering on these. When I do the next batch of vehicles, these will see the airbrush again. Another problem are the fogged up decals on some of the models

First up are a pair of M8 Greyhound Armo(u)red Cars with trailers. The models themselves are from Solido and came in the usual poor Solido quality… unpainted parts and the parts of the model that were painted contained large amounts of dust in the paint. So I sanded these and painted them anew. Stowage came from Tamiya and foam-core. Yes foam-core! I simply cut it into the shape of some boxes, covered it with tissue paper drenched in watered down PVA nd that is it. The commander is from Company B.

Solido M8 Greyhounds

Solido M8 Greyhounds

These M20´s are from Solido, too. They were just as bad as the Greyhounds, so they underwent the same treatment. Crews are from Victory Force.

Solido M20´s

Solido M20´s

And to add a little tracked element… a Stuart tank. Model is by Company B as are the tracks attached to front. Stowage is by Tamiya, too.

This is a real nice little model and I still have 3 of them lying around for my Brits. Really looking forward to doing those in due time.

Stuart tank by Company B

Stuart tank by Company B

So what do you think… should I add some more dust weathering or leave them as they are?

Group shot

Group shot


One response to “US Army Armo(u)red Recon

  1. Burkhard

    July 1, 2011 at 15:51

    By public request the spelling of “armoured” has been somewhat americanized! 😉


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