Khemru Warriors (WIP) for Wargods of Ægyptus

10 Sep

OK, I know this is quite a leap for a blog that is mostly dedicated to historical wargaming, but I still play one “fantasy” game and that is Wargods of Ægyptus. The game is based on Egyptian (and with two expansions on Greek and Nordic) mythology. It is set in the antediluvian age (the times of the old testament). Here the children of the gods wage war on one another.
Now due to a lack of players here in Germany, I hardly get to play. But once per year there is the pan-european championship in Canterbury in the UK. This is where I usually get most of my games in. Now the first year I finished somewhere in the lower mid-field. Second year I finished in the upper mid-field and then in 2009 (the third year) I became the champion. Last year I was not able to make it and defend the title, due to a contract for work that prevented me from going. Now this year, nothing is going to prevent me and we are even following this with a one week holiday in the Welsh National Parks.
Since I did not want to start with the same warband I did last time, I needed to paint something new. One “race” I always wanted to include were the Khemru. Now these are the children of the Khnum, the Ram-headed creator god and are modeled in his shape. They are by far not the best warriors you can field, but I always felt that they looked nice, plus they allow you to field elephants. And I wanted an elephant for my force.
I decided not to paint them as typical rams but rather with a goat type skin pattern. For their colours I chose a lively green, since I felt this would suit their god quite well. (Even though they will be serving in the warband of another god.)
The paintjob itself is a quick one, so these 5 minis were painted in a couple of hours last weekend and with a little help by my better half. They still need to be varnished (too much rain for the last couple of days and too much humidity today), the bases need to be done and the gems require a coat of high gloss varnish. otherwise… this is it.

Khemru Warrior Unit

Khemru Warrior Unit

Khemru Warrior Unit

Khemru Warrior Unit

Khemru Warrior 1

Khemru Warrior 1

Khemru Warrior 2

Khemru Warrior 2

Khemru Warrior 3

Khemru Warrior 3

Khemru Standart

Khemru Standard

So now I will need to finish the elephant. He still needs a quite a bit of filling. I hope to get that done this weekend and paint him next weekend. Since the tournament is October 1st there is not much time left, but it should all work out!

Anyway I guess he will not be as happy looking as this one, once I am finished! 😉

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One response to “Khemru Warriors (WIP) for Wargods of Ægyptus

  1. GS

    September 10, 2011 at 10:49

    Hi, looking good, you should use some Kind of quick shade on them to smoothen and blackline everything!

    Greetings GS


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