La Bricole Painting Competition (Part 3) / 4th Marine Regiment

01 Feb
La Bricole Painting Competition (Part 3) / 4th Marine Regiment

I finally finished painting the minis Napoleonic French Marines for the La Bricole painting competition yesterday. Well at least the first batch, which is the 1st battalion. So two more and a command stand or in other words 47 minis to go. Now the weather is still bleeping cold here in Germany, so I only managed to glue them to their bases. Before the bases themselves will be done, I still need to varnish them and since I am using spray on varnish, I need to wait for warmer weather. So the pictures here are still WIP. First up the unit itself:

4-1 Marine WIP front

4-1 Marine WIP front

4-1 Marine WIP back

4-1 Marine WIP back

Next up is the skirmisher pair. Now while painting these minis it dawned on me, that only the 2nd battalion will be large enough to deploy skirmishers under the R2E rules, so these will not see use with this battalion. In retrospect this seems to be a common mistake for me. So far I have always painted skirmisher pairs for any unit I have done, but a good number of them are too small to actually deploy them under the rules. Guess I need to pay better attention in the future.

Skirmishers WIP front

Skirmishers WIP front

Skirmishers WIP back

Skirmishers WIP back

Last but not least I wanted to go somewhat special with their flag. Since I could not find a proper flag for the unit anywhere online I decided to repaint one. So this is a Victrix 15th Infantry flag (photocopied) and then repainted as 4th Marine regiment. Not the best work, but it should work at table distance.

4-1 Marine flag repaint

4-1 Marine flag repaint

So what is next… well I am in the process of assembling and cleaning up the minis for the 3rd battalion (2nd will be done last). I should start on those this weekend at the latest. I will do a write-up on how I do the mud when I paint those. There were a lot of requests for the technique after the last post, so that should answer all questions.


3 responses to “La Bricole Painting Competition (Part 3) / 4th Marine Regiment

  1. bigredbat

    February 1, 2012 at 11:19

    Looking splendid! I wonder whether GMB do a suitable flag?


    • Burkhard

      February 1, 2012 at 11:21


      I asked Grahame if he had a suitable flag and he said no. Would have asked for a custom flag, but it was that time when he was so extremely buisy with his online store, so I did not.

  2. The Angry Lurker

    February 1, 2012 at 11:59

    The flag looks great as does the unit and skirmishers….


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