The coolest thing

04 Feb

Today I saw one of the coolest things… Literally.

It is bleeping cold here in Germany right now. Now we store our bottles in the garage. Which is not much of a problem, since it hugs the house and with the car in there it is not that cold. And even if it is… It is all plastic bottles and they can not burst.

Anyway when I just got me a bottle of water from the garage. Funny thing was the single bottle of coke between the water and juice was frozen. I do not know why it was just the coke, but that was not so special. I went back into the house and poured myself some water. Now the moment it came from the bottle it turned into gelatinous ice. I am not sure how many factors need to come together for that, but it was extremely cool to behold!


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Posted by on February 4, 2012 in General


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