Remodelling my terrain boards (Part 2)

16 Feb

After last weeks post on remodelling my terrain boards I went back to my boards yesterday. Now the consensus here and on some of the fora I posted this to was to leave them as they were or if I had to do something… not to overdo it. So I took out my airbrush and sprayed a testpiece with both a light tan and a medium brown in irregular spots. I liked the results and did that to all boards. Now here are the results (on four of them):

After (Part 2)

After (Part 2)

Now it looks a bit strange on this photo, since the tan comes out rather strong here (probably due to the flash photography), but it is much more sublime in real life and I like it.

While I was on it, I also gave my hillsides a go. Not sure if you have noticed those, but I cut myself some hillsides, that are meant to be placed on the edge of my terrain boards (if there is another board placed under it) forming a hill with them. They can also be used as hills on their own or as the edge for a river or creek. I always painted the edges with structured paint and in earthy tones. All of this works quite well, but it gave me two problems.

  • While robust they can still take damage in form of chipped edges (especially when taking them along to shows) resulting a constant (usually twice a year) repair day, where I have to glue of fill them, paint those spots over with structured paint and repaint them.
  • I felt it gave the hill sides a unrealisticly stark contrast with the rest of the table.

Average look of my table before all this

Now the obvious solution for the later is to simply give them a grass look. I had my reservations about this because of the use as riverbanks, but looking at those in real life, I found that grass often grows almost to the very edge, so I felt OK with it, too.

Now adding staticgrass to the edges would  also lessen the damage problem. The grass would give extra “cushioning”, the white glue used to apply it would make things more flexible and it would be easier to repair if they got damaged after all.

So I applied static grass to the hillside pieces and airbrushed those, too.

After (Part 2) with hills

After (Part 2) with hills

I am quite happy with these, although I have to admit, they do not look like much on these pictures. So I am really looking forward to the first game with them, to show some real pictures.

Now once it gets warmer, I will spray all the hillside pieces with diluted white glue to protect against the grass rubbing off. While the normal boards already got this treatment in the past, they will get it again. Then I will also  dust some of the “burnt grass variety” staticgrass on the boards, to give them more of a blend.


Posted by on February 16, 2012 in Terrain building


3 responses to “Remodelling my terrain boards (Part 2)

  1. The Angry Lurker

    February 16, 2012 at 14:21

    They look fine to me, I will have to start doing this…..

  2. Thomas

    February 16, 2012 at 15:32

    You’ve done a good job! It looks much better than before, more realistic and less like a golf course 😉 Now I would like to see the whole table arranged with scenery.

  3. Ray

    February 17, 2012 at 09:20

    A great looking table, even before you started your re-modelling!!


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