13 Mar

I have to admit I was getting a bit fed up with all those dark blue from my French Nappy Marines (I am still positive that I will finish the last battalion in time for the competition deadline). To get a little break and get some more room in my “to do pile”, I assembled some WWII tanks. All the models are 1:48th scale. Except for the grey ones (which are from Hobby Boss) all the others are Tamiya. As you can see I slapped quite a few after market resin pieces on, to give them a battlefield look, plus some extra track links I bought from Tamiya. The Achilles TD is a Tamiya M10 kit with an aftermarket conversion kit.

British Tank Troop #1 (WIP)

British Tank Troop #1 (WIP)

British Tank Troop #2 (WIP)

British Tank Troop #2 (WIP)

Archilles TD (WIP)

Achilles TD (WIP)

Pz.Kpfw. KV-1 756r (WIP)

Pz.Kpfw. KV-1 756r (WIP)

Those Shermans with a matt finish got a test coat of paint a few weeks ago. I have a to say I am not too happy with the way the colour turned out. It is missing a bit of an olive hue, which I want for my British tanks. I got Vallejo British Bronze Green Polyurethane Primer the other day and I am keen to see how that one turns out. So I shall keep you posted! Once I get my Cromwells, scout cars and M3 assembled they shall be painted.


2 responses to “WW II Tank WIP

  1. The Angry Lurker

    March 13, 2012 at 22:16

    I like all the extra details you’ve put on them, it takes them up another level….

  2. Monty

    March 13, 2012 at 22:52

    Great start with lots of detail. I’m looking forward to these as I haven’t done a 1/48 tank in years and years.


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