SAGA Vikings… the last three points

16 May
SAGA Vikings… the last three points

Following up on my post showing the first three points worth of SAGA Vikings… here are another three bringing the Warband to a full 6 points. Now these were a bit of a rush job. I did not expect to be playing another game of SAGA for another two weeks, so these guys were not on the first spot in the painting queue. When Martin contacted me late last week to ask if I was free to play today, that suddenly changed. Saturday morning only the metal minis (Warlord, casualty and the four Jomsvikings) had been cleaned and primed. The Bondi were still on their sprues (plastic minis) and needed cleaning, assembly, filling and priming before I could even begin to paint them together with the others. But come Sunday evening, they were all done.

Again… all the shields on these are freehand!

Viking Warlord Jarl Thorson

Viking Warlord Jarl Thorson

This is the Warlord for my warband, about to make a poor British peasant warrior pay with his life for even daring to oppose the Viking “shopping spree”. His name is actually a pun on my middle name.

Jarl Sigvaldi and the Jomsvikings

Jarl Sigvaldi and the Jomsvikings

These are Jarl Sigvaldi (second from the right) and his Jomsvikings. They are not “real” Vikings under the SAGA rules but Mercenaries classed as Heathguard and cost two points.The photo is a bit poor since Sigvaldi is facing in a way that you can hardly make out the details on his tunics and the guy on the left is hidden by his shield. But I hope there will be plenty of better pictures from the upcoming games!

I will be looking forward to seeing how they actually do over the next couple of games. They failed me during our first game when they died like fleas without doing any real damage. This was in part due to me rolling poor, Martin rolling good and also me not giving them all the abilities they were due that round. For those who do not know them… in SAGA you sacrifice between one and three SAGA dice to activate them that round. For every SAGA die, you get to roll one D6 for their abilities that round (which are cumulative). To make sure I will not forget anything this time, I wrote up some cheat cards for them. I know that there are cards / tokens available for download on the Studio Tomahawk forum, but those only give you the abilities for every bracket and still require you to add everything up. My cards already give the cumulative results on each card. If you are interested in those cards… here they are for downloading:

Jarl Sigvaldi and the Jomsvikings (Tokens)

These are sized to fit into credit card sized laminating sleeves once cut up.





These eight minis form a unit of Bondi (Warriors) and presented me with a bit of a problem. Since they come from the same plastic set that I used for my Hirdmen and Berserkers, their looks are not really that different to set them apart. In the end I armed them only with spears, gave their clothes plainer colours and painted simpler shield designs.Hope this works!

And this is it… six points of Vikings finished for SAGA. Lets see how they do tonight!


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6 responses to “SAGA Vikings… the last three points

  1. The Angry Lurker

    May 16, 2012 at 15:06

    Good luck tonight, great painting especially the shields…

  2. angelo giordano

    May 16, 2012 at 17:16

    Great looking stuff. I’m about to get into SAGA and am stripping old ESSEX minis for the Normans. I have about 200 Foundry Vikings (I know I dont need much.)
    As an aside My Grandfather was in the 14th Brooklyn in the 30’s and 40’s
    He was 1st sergeant and lived on 18th st right near their armoury.
    Was in the 7th AF in the Pacific and was mustered out in the fifties because of Heart trouble . I have a nic collection of pics and unit crests from him my Dad gave me before he passed a few years ago.
    Also a unit history book. Just a note to show you that there are connections we never dream of Thanks Angelo

    • Burkhard

      May 16, 2012 at 17:37

      Hi Angelo,

      well I think you have a great there. In my last game Martin played Normans and I really liked the style of that Warband. So much so, that I will do one later this year (a mix of Gripping Beast, Conquest and Perry). And Vikings are just great. Having 200 minis will allow to select the best for a great looking warband.

      My first love when it comes to wargaming was the ACW. I always felt that the 14th Brooklyn was one of the most interesting units. It had one of the most interesting uniforms of all Union units, can be considered veteran to elite through most of the war, was always brigaded together with other crack units, took part in all the great battles in their theatre and was one of the first infantry units to reach Gettysburg. So that is one proud unit your father had the honour to serve in!
      One of my best frineds comes from Brooklyn and uses 84 NYSV in many of his internet identities. So it became a pun between the two of us, that I would use the nickname 14th brooklyn in most places. During my first visit to New York we went to the armoury (unfortunately one could not get in, since it is not a public building AFAIR).

  3. Ray

    May 16, 2012 at 18:14

    Great looking figures and great shields!!!

  4. Erik

    March 29, 2013 at 22:41

    Great job. I also used the Gripping Beast plastics (but for all my warband). I separated the “elites” (hearthguard) from the rest by painting some gold on the helmets. The regulars have just silver metallic. That makes them easier to pick out.

    Also, Dane axes (if I wish to play Danes) are obviously elites as are my bezerkers, who have double axes (twice the attacks) and no shield (reduced defense). With a little familiarity, the color and weapons make it clear enough as to whether they are hearthguard or not.

    • Burkhard

      March 30, 2013 at 13:28

      Thank you, Eric.

      I guess great minds think alike! So far the different weapons for the Heathguards and Bondi has worked quiet well to set them apart on the battlefiled. Same goes for the Berserker without shields and only armed with axes… although Marting has always complained, that they were too hard to tell apart after a game when my Berserker performed a surgical strike! ­čśë


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