Regular service will commence soon

17 Jul

For those who have noticed the lack of posts or even communication over the past few days, here is why:

I lost both telephone and internet over the weekend. It seems like the thunderstorms that have been plagueing Germany over the past few days managed to kill both the telephone and internet connection to my home. After some remote checks by the provider it became clear that it was like I had feared… It was the systems inside my house or in other words my problem. I had always feared this day might come. When I started my volunteer service in Civil Defence 15 years ago my first MOS was command and communications, which included everything about telephones, field telephones and radios. So when we moved into this place twelve years ago I made sure everything was state of the art. Which meant no plug and play solutions, but hard wiring everything. A short while later I shifted into other fields and my skills in wiring up telephone connections fell into disuse. Whenever something had to be upgraded, I went and cobbled things together, which only made the prospect worse now. Since the problem was with my systems I had the choice to either have a technician who would a paid a three figure sum for every hour or remember what I had once learned. I chose the later.


So basicly I had to sort all this hardwiring out with my very rusty skills. And to make matters worse I also decided to bring everything back to state of the art. To cut this rather long story short… I spend the past two days up to my neck in telephone cables as well as installing a new NTBA, splitter, modem and Wi-Fi transmitter, spending hours on my cellphone talking to my provider since the new hardware I got from them came without blueprints (it actually turned out that out of the 18 people in advanced technical support I talked to, only two still knew how to hardwire things).

But to cut a long story short… both telephone and internet are up and running again. Only problem is that my old PC does not want to even notice the new Wi-Fi, but I will eventually sort that problem out, too.

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