37eme – 2 Légère

27 Jul
37eme – 2 Légère

After a long hiatus on this blog here we go with another post. and another unit for my Völkerschlacht von Leipzig / Möckern project. This time it is not Prussians, but French. Or namely the 2nd battalion of the 37eme Légère.

The 37eme actually had a pretty short service record. It was created in 1812 from various reserve companies and was the highest numbered Légère Regiment under Napoleon (and I fear in all French history as well). It fought at Lutzen, Bautzen, Dresden, Wendisch-Carsdorff, Falkenkayn, Leipzig, and Hanau in 1813 and Saint-Avold, Vassy, La Rothiere, Brienne, Champaubert, Vauchamps, Mormans, Meaux, Reims, and Paris in 1814. After Napoleons abdication it was disbanded and not raised again after his restoration. It never managed to gain battle honours to its flag.

At Leipzig / Möckern the second battalion started with exactly 400 men which under the Republic to Empire rules means 20 minis. Since they are light infantry and thus able to deploy the full regiment as skirmishers, all but the command stand are on half bases.

The minis used here are all Perry plastics, with the cuffs cut of and the pointed cuffs of the Légère painted on. I was not too sure if I should really use three shades of blue for their uniforms to depict different grades of fading (at one point I actually thought about repainting them halfway through), but in the end I actually like the results. I also decided to try something new with the eyes. Recently I have grown ever unhappier with the way they looked on my minis. Not sure why, since in the past these turned out better. So I decided to black line them… maybe a change in technique will bring me edge back here. Not entirely happy yet, but I think this might progress into something good!

37eme - 2 Légère

37eme – 2 Légère

37eme - 2 Légère (Carabiniers)

37eme – 2 Légère (Carabiniers)

For the Carabiners I chose a brighter red then I usually do for Grenadiers to show the difference between Ligne and Légère. Only thing I forgot was that I had not proper highlight colour for this red, so in the end I shaded it instead of highlighting it and ended up with the virtually same brightness as I do with my Grenadiers.

37eme - 2 Légère (Chasseuers 1st and 2nd Coy.)

37eme – 2 Légère (Chasseuers 1st and 2nd Coy.)

37eme - 2 Légère (battalion command)

37eme – 2 Légère (battalion command)

The Eagle for the flagstaff was recut into a spearhead, since only the first battalion was issued with an eagle.

37eme - 3 Légère (Chasseuers 3rd and 4th Coy.)

37eme – 3 Légère (Chasseuers 3rd and 4th Coy.)

37eme - 3 Légère (Voltigeurs)

37eme – 3 Légère (Voltigeurs)

For the Voltigeurs I chose yellow as opposed to yellow / green or yellow / red epaluettes and pompoms. I wanted to depict the simplicity in uniform of a unit raised after the high losses in Russian and this was a way to do so.

37eme - 3 Légère (skirmish deployment)

37eme – 3 Légère (skirmish deployment)

Next up I shall commence work on Uxbridge and his ADC´s for the La Bricole painting challenge, so stay tuned for that!


16 responses to “37eme – 2 Légère

  1. Atelier-Robin

    July 27, 2012 at 12:28

    Did you paint the flag or enhance it in some way?
    I like the variation of blue idea – I’ll bet many uniforms had a ‘washed out’ look.

    Burkhard can I ask a favour. I was very taken with your light dragoon conversion – do you have any spare hussar heads that you could let a poor painter have?

    • Burkhard

      July 27, 2012 at 12:58

      The flag is just a normal GMB flag folded with the diluded white glue technique I already used on the Prussian Füsiliere. i repainted the edges (plus the part where I managed to rip it while shaping it 😦 ). The flag was varnished over when I sprayvarnished the minis, but I always do that.

      I like the faded looks as well… I just was not too sure if three shades were not taking things a little too far. I have to admit, I should probably do the same with my Prussians, but I can not bear that with my ancestors army! 😉

      Regarding the heads… You have an eMail from me!

  2. Thomas

    July 27, 2012 at 12:29

    Well done, especially the command base!

  3. John Michael

    July 27, 2012 at 13:54

    I think they have come out great Burkhard, and you are braver then me painting eyes.

    I was curious about your flags, I started using GMB flags, but am now repaving them all because of severe fading (Graham did replace them, but they faded as well). How do you actually varnish your flags.


    • Burkhard

      July 27, 2012 at 14:00

      Thanks John! Painting the eyes has nothing to do withnbeing brave for me… A mini just does not look,complete to me without them. 😉

      Regarding varnishing the flags… I just use spray varnish straight from the can. One very thin coat to seal them (it will dry before the colours can get runny) followed by a normal stronger coat (like I use to seal the minis). The first coat dries within about half a minute, so I do ot loose any time either.

  4. Michael Awdry

    July 27, 2012 at 14:09

    Absolutely splendid; what a great unit Sir.

  5. Dave

    July 27, 2012 at 14:15

    Great work Burkhard, the variation is perfect 3 shades isn’t too much at all. The mud and dust effects have worked well and with the blue variation this sells the overall efect.

    • Burkhard

      July 27, 2012 at 19:45

      Thanks Dave. In the end I had the very same feeling, but before the white braiding and crossbelts, they just looked weired. Now I am happy to stayed the course and your comment underlines this!

  6. Curt

    July 27, 2012 at 19:12

    Great looking unit – well done!

  7. Ray

    July 27, 2012 at 21:32

    Very, very nice!!! I love the muddy trousers effect, top painting Sir!

    • Burkhard

      July 28, 2012 at 00:16

      Thanks Ray… Doing the muddy trousers on white or blue trousers is always my favourite, since I feel it comes out best with them.

  8. Monty

    July 27, 2012 at 23:40

    Beautiful work Burk, especially the banding on the drummer’s sleeve. I appreciate the back story on these boys as well. Good luck on the La Bricole painting challenge!

    • Burkhard

      July 28, 2012 at 00:19

      Thanks Monty! The drummer is a nice highlight in all the blue. Whenever possible I will try my best to provide some background on the units… Otherwise, what is the fun in playing historical games! 😉

      Reminds me… I have been meaning to check your blog for days now to see if you have posted the second part of your roadtrip!


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