The mystery of the “Onion” revealed

30 Jul
The mystery of the “Onion” revealed

Well Dave from fig v fig has correctly guessed that Napoleon is indeed the mystery “Onion” for my upcoming second entry in the La Bricole Painting Challenge. Congratulations!

Emperor Napleon in 1812

Emperor Napleon in 1812
[painted by Jacques-Louis David]

But how does the riddle work out? Well Napoleon Bonaparte was and is often refered to as the Corsican Ogre. That is simple, right! But how does this make him an onion? Well Ogres are like onions… best let someone explain this who knows best… this is Shreck, who is an ogre as well by the way, so he should know!


2 responses to “The mystery of the “Onion” revealed

  1. Dave

    July 30, 2012 at 16:08

    ROTFL not how I got to the end result but much more enjoyable. I worked on the story that says that Napoleon invented French onion soup, although it is credited to the canut silk weavers that revolted in 1798 (I think). Nice one Burkhard, clever twist.

    • Burkhard

      July 30, 2012 at 16:37

      Thank you Dave… as I said… It should have been easier for those with little children (or a love for animated films)! ­čśë


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