Bauhaus Vulkan suits

18 Apr
Bauhaus Vulkan suits

So now it is time to up my Bauhaus forces for Warzone Resurrection some more. This time it is a team of Vulkan battle suits.

The Vulkan battle suit is the apex of Bauhaus engineering. Designed to fight in the thick Venusian jungles where the vegetation is too thick for tanks they are outfitted with the strongest of armour and the most advanced life support systems. This also makes them perfect for the use with the 23. Gebirgssturmbattalion. Due to their bipedal design they can still traverse the ragged mountain terrain and their life support is just as good for keeping the pilots alive in the harsh arctic conditions as it is in the jungles. For the infantry they support the Vulkans are huge boost bringing their heavy vehicle machine guns and flame throwers to bear.

Bauhaus Vulkan suit

Bauhaus Vulkan suit

Bauhaus Vulkan suit

Bauhaus Vulkan suit

Bauhaus Vulkan suit

Bauhaus Vulkan suit

The models were a bit of bad luck for me. One of them had a huge hole in the torso that required a bunch of green stuff to fill. The worst part were the left legs on two them. The outsides were completely cast, but had a bubble running through all of the leg, essentially making them hollow shells. Bad luck since this was invisible during quality control but made the legs completely unstable. Good thing is that the people at Prodos will send me replacements with my Kickstarter Wave 2 models. Anyway I wanted to see if they could be salvaged none the less and I pored white glue into the legs to fill them. Unfortunately this takes a long time to dry and cure, so they are still a bit unstable. But the replacements will solve that problem.

What else? I felt the spot where the weapons connect to the shoulder was a bit small and might not withstand game use. So I drilled both the shoulders and weapons and pinned that with guitar string (to mimic the looks of a hydraulic fluids hose) to give them extra support. I also added rollbars made from staples to protect the pilot. The models were painted with an airbrush. I used a dark grey base highlighted with a top down spray. Afterwards came a dark blue and light grey camo job. This was mostly to try out the new compressor. Not the best decision, since I wanted to try some fine camo stripes. But a walker with a very angled and faceted is not the best test piece for that since I often had to keep the airbrush further from the model than perfect. Therefore the model features a fine white mist in many places. To make the effect universal I also have the torso a fine dusting of grey. I think it enhances the camo effect, but did not give me the test I wanted. But I am still quite happy with the results.

Otherwise, the pilots helmets received the same stylised feral grin paintjob as their Hussar brethren. This time I just applied gloss varnish to their visors instead of a water paste. I like that far better, since this did retain the jewel effect of the visors.

Bauhaus Vulkan suits (group shot)

Bauhaus Vulkan suits (group shot)


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4 responses to “Bauhaus Vulkan suits

  1. Dalauppror

    April 18, 2014 at 12:26

    Stunning minis and paint work !

  2. Gouf

    April 23, 2014 at 08:01

    nice design kits .
    Look like they come from Mech warrior [old pc game]
    Hmmm i wanna see this kit in ww II camoflage.

    • Burkhard

      April 23, 2014 at 12:41


      I know those Mechs. I have played Battletech (the game Mechwarrior was based upon) for over a decade.

      I once contemplated doing these in WWII colours but decided against it when I went with the winter theme. The big tank for my Bauhaus troops will be painted in a WWI pattern (essentially the same colours just deferent patterns) with whitewash. I have to admit, I am using these Bauhaus vehicles as a testbed for some new techniques. If it goes wrong I can always justify it with the SciFi setting. But no matter what, I will learn something for my historical models! ­čśÇ


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