Sale at Murawski Miniatures

17 Jul

OK, I guess everyone can see that I have taken a liking to them, with two post in just over a week about them. Well I do not mind it. I know that there is another reason for this sale and that is to create the funds to allow for a faster expansion of the line. And on the list for said expansion are goodies such as Polish hussars, chasseurs and cuirassiers. The later are especial interesting in my book, since they will finally allow us to re-create the Cavalrybrigade Thielmann at Borodino (together with those fine Saxon Cuirassiers from Eureka)! But I will pass the microphone on to Roger from Murawski Miniatures:

Hello everyone

I reach the big 50 this August and to help celebrate the occasion I have decided to hold my first ever sale!
To this end please see attached:
In addition I will be able to offer deals on shipping based on order size etc.
If you’d like further information please email me at:
Look forward to hearing from you.
PS Vistula Legion battalion packs are available – same as GDW
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