For sale

05 Dec

Just a short heads up, that I have made a massive update to the For Sale subsection of this blog.

as usual everything is 25mm to 28mm. There has been a huge update to the terrain section, as well as miniatures, including complete collections for WWI Germans and Brits, Medival English and Scots, vast amounts of ACW minis and lots of Hirst Arts molds. So I hope there is something for everyone.


And two more things… I know it is close to X-Mas. So for some this might be a great opportunity to get some gifts, for others the might just be the wrong time. If you fall into the later category, let me know and I will reserve you the stuff you want till January or in some cases February. Please just note… for reserved items over a value of 100 Euro total I reserve the right to ask for a non-refundable 10% deposit if I do not know you personally or have never dealt with you before.

Also… I am thinking about selling my painted ACW collection and my Warhammer 40K Tau. I just simply was not in the mood to take photos today. If you are interested, drop me a line and we can arrange something!

Tau XV 25 suit with burst cannon

Tau XV 25 suit with burst cannon

Tau Pathfinder Team #1

Tau Pathfinder Team #1



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