First game of our Warzone League season

17 Feb
First game of our Warzone League season

This month sees the start of the next installment of our Warzone League. Now last season there was five us. Which meant it was gritty, hardly representative and over too fast. In other words, it was not much more than a few friendly matches. So I just featured some reports of the games I played in the league.

And while we are still not playing for anything but glory, there are now ten of us. So this will last much longer and be much more representative. So I felt, it would be a shame if I just left you with my reports again and talked the others into supplying some reports of their matches as well, to feature them on this blog. To do all this, I set up a sub page of this blog to host the Warzone League games (although you can also access it directly through the NavBar at the top. I will also post a short article here on the main page to give followers a short heads up, that there is something new when there is a new report.


Anyway… last Sunday saw the opening match of the league with a game of Andreas Dark Legion vs. Björns Bauhaus. so who won? Lets click here and find out! Enjoy!



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