Warzone, Mishima, Shiryo-X

10 Dec
Warzone, Mishima, Shiryo-X

After I was done with those Flemish Mercenaries, I was waiting for the primer to dry on the Normans. So I looked at the single minis I had ready for painting, to see which one did fit my mood. And it was Shiryo-X, one of the Mishima (War)Lords for Warzone.

During the summer, I had already primed the model in a blue steel colour with top down highlights using my airbrush. So that was a good base to start from. I pin-point washed some of the panels with a diluted blue ink. This made those panels darker, while still retaining the metalic looks. Other parts of the armour  were accented in gold. The rest was just a fairly straight forward paintjob.

What really annoyed me where all the bones on the model. For one it gives the model a very 40K look. And I always liked the fact that Warzone models did not look like 40K models. It also annoyed me, since there is nothing in the fluff for this model that would explain him fitting all those bones (trophies?) to his armour. Assuming that they are trophies, this also gave me another problem.  Brownish bones allow for some nice contrasts on the model. But bones are only brownish when the flesh, muscles and sinuses have rotted away. And I would not expect anyone to wait till everything has rotted off the bones. But if you remove all the tissue from the bones by cooking them off, the bones become white. This does not leave you much room for shading and highlighting on such small items. But it could not be helped. 

One thing that caused me a few problems was the Katana. I must have snapped it off while painting and could not find it afterwards. So I hammered a piece of wire flat and filed it to shape. Does not look as nice, but it will be much more robust.










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3 responses to “Warzone, Mishima, Shiryo-X

  1. imperialrebelork

    December 10, 2015 at 23:18

    Oh wow. He’s cool mate. I love all the detail.

  2. Nysse

    December 11, 2015 at 10:15

    Nice work Burkhard! Quite an interesting character design as well.

  3. Michael Awdry

    December 13, 2015 at 12:52

    This is just a stunning piece of work!


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