Additions to my Combined Army

04 Jun
Additions to my Combined Army

I am still in the process of learning how to play Infinity. The game has a tough learning curve and not getting to play that often does not help either, but I am getting better. Lately games have been getting closer and I even managed a win. What I found most helpful was concentrating on playing with the units I knew well and than adding a new one every now and then to see how it works for me. I found changing many units at once overtaxed me, since I had to keep too many new units in mind.

Anyway, since I only play with painted minis, this has resulted in a constant influx of painted minis.



(I am trying out some new settings here, so please feel free to click on any of the tiles for larger versions here.)

As previously shown, I went with a Havana Brown base and sandy yellow markings. But the more minis I painted that way, the more I felt something was lacking. So I added red markings from here on. And I liked that. So I went back to the old minis and added red markings to those as well (no worries… not going to bore you with photos of those).

As far as I understood the Infinity background for the Combined Army, especially the Morats, they go with a base colour for the environment they are fighting in. In this case brown for the muddy ground of the jungles on Paradiso. Over this they often apply the colours of the fighting unit, in this case red and yellow.

For the Morat units not completely covered in armoured suits (like Rodoks or Suryats) I also added camouflage clothing. With all the bright colours on the minis, camouflage does not completely make sense, but I felt it added some extra character.



Now for the Shasvastii based units I went a slightly different route. The infantry has brown armour, to tie them in with the others. But I felt they were more interested in not standing out. So no brightly coloured markings and rather camouflage clothing or capes.

And I went the same route with the Sphinx TAG.


The only units to which this colouring idea does not apply are the TAGs and drones. Those are done in a dark grey. Why… I always liked that look on the official minis.

I had always been a bit annoyed at the fact, that this meant they did not really match the rest of the army. When they released the Pneumarch of the Ur Negemony as the HVT for the Combined Army, I decided to use that mini to tie them all together. He has the dark grey armour of the TAGs and drones and combined them with the unit colours.

All these minis were painted over the course of the last 1 1/2 years.


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2 responses to “Additions to my Combined Army

  1. Dean

    June 5, 2018 at 01:55

    Burkhard, I think the heat is on – two post in as many days!? I think you’re back in the saddle. Nice work as always!


    • Burkhard

      June 5, 2018 at 21:55

      Well right now this pace is easy… after all I “just” needed work my way through what I did over the last 11/2 years. 😉



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