A tale of three Jagdpanther (Part one)

06 Jun

Some time ago I wanted to try some new weathering techniques. Namely special washes, filters and oil paints. I had three Jadgpanther models at home. Two from Tamiya, one unpainted build as an early model and one build as a late model. I had started painting the later in a 1945 pattern, but never was too happy with that, since my airbrush had acted up that day. So it needed a repaint anyway. The last was a Bandai model, but in a late version. I had bought that one used 15+ years ago with a very sloppy brush paint job. Repainted it back then, but I had gotten the colours wrong. Tried to salvage it by doing a winter camo, but that came out badly as well. So another repaint was required.

I had initially planned to form these three into one unit. That is until I realised, that under the Battlegroup rules a Jagdpanther is too rare and expensive to actually form a unit. So I decided to paint them up one each for three different settings… Normandy to Market Garden, winter 1944-45 and spring 1945.

Jagdpanther (1944)

Jagdpanther (1944)

Jagdpanther (1944)

Jagdpanther (1944)

The one above is the Tamiya early version and meant for Normandy to Market Garden.. The paint job resembles those often seen in 1944 that tries to simulate the sunlight hitting tank through a leaf cover. Not sure why there is fogging with the decals, since there is none in real life.

Jagdpanther (winter)

Jagdpanther (winter)

Jagdpanther (winter)

Jagdpanther (winter)

This is the Bandai one meant for the winter of 1944-45. It sports a very similar camo to the one above. But this time with a winter whitewash applied over the tank. I used  AK washable white for this. Which was great to achieve a look of the whitewash already starting to wear off. Since the previous owner had messed up the tracks, I had applied a mix of sand, white glue and brown paint back when I repainted it. Airbrushing the model anew had messed that look up. SomI applied two different mud pastes from Vallejo and Mig over that that. This created a nice effect like the tank had driven through wet fields at the end of winter during the thawing season.

And the third Jagdpanther.. Well that still is not finished, but it will be in a few weeks. So stay tuned.



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4 responses to “A tale of three Jagdpanther (Part one)

  1. Azazel

    June 7, 2018 at 02:59

    Very nice work, mate. Both look fantastic.

    • Burkhard

      June 7, 2018 at 18:13

      Thanks. I am really pleased with them myself.

  2. Dean

    June 7, 2018 at 14:36

    Love Jadgpanters, and yours are great, Burkhard. I envy you guys who can airbrush. I’ve never ventured into that arena save for those cheap Testor’s using aerosol cans – not even worth the $10. I ended up painting camo stripes on a Tamiya Jadgtiger a few months ago – not pretty, but like the big beast. 🙂

    • Burkhard

      June 7, 2018 at 18:20

      Thank you.

      The longer I paint stuff, the more I love airbrushing. Not just for vehicles, but also for buildings. And they work like a charm for basecoating minis, since you can use any colour you want and do not have to rely on those available in spraycans. They are especially great on horses. They took me ages to basecoat (catching all the areas between the legs), but with an Airbrush those take less than a minute per horse.

      Sometimes model or even wargaming stores host beginners courses for airbrushing. Maybe try out one of those!


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