Some scatter terrain

10 Jun
Some scatter terrain

Some two plus years ago I started on some container terminal type scatter terrain. But as is always the case, it is never enough. So I have been adding to it. I added more ISO containers (not pictured) from Mad Mecca Guy. I simply love ISO containers, for any setting. They always create good full cover for soldiers close to them and you can either create a virtual maze with them that encourages close combat or you can create deadly firing lanes.

What always annoyed me, was the fact that while I had said containers, I never had a realistic way of moving them around. This forklifts I had were simply too small for that. So after some searching on eBay I found some appropriate candidates.

Heavy Duty Forklift

Heavy Duty Forklift

Up first was this die-cast model from Siku. It is older and unfortunately a bit rare, but every few weeks you can find one in decent condition for under 20 Euro. I added a little chipping to make it look less like a toy, but looking at this photo, I think I will definitely need to give it a coat of satin or matt varnish.

Reach stacker

Reach stacker

Now this has been my white whale, my Moby Dick for some time. A reach stacker is the means of moving containers around in a container yard. Unfortunately the models are expensive to begin with and usually very rare, which has a very negative effect on their price. So it took me nearly two years to find one at a decent price. This one had a broken off hydraulic cylinder at a spot where you do not notice it and a missing headlight, which made it useless as a collectors model. Again, I added chipping to the model to make it look worn. The container had a large advert for the manufacturer on the side, which looked somewhat inappropriate so I painted that over to make it look like it had been phased out by the shipping company. All in all, I like this as a terrain piece. It provides a huge LOS-blocker at ground level. But what is best, you can create both a LOS -blocker at a higher level or a bridge between containers with the silver container. As such it really adds another dimension to the table. For those complaining, that it looks a bit large… these things are massive in real life as well. The company I worked for a couple of years ago operated a few of these and they are an impressive sight to behold.

But containers are not everything, so I needed some smaller stuff.

All of these are from Antenocities Workshop and were part of their Forward Base Kickstarter (at least at my pledge level). They were fun to paint. They were pretty fast to paint and gave the option for some brighter colours. Obviously, their style means that they can not be used for anything but SciFi, but I think they will be very useful for Star Wars as well, so they will have a use beyond Infinity.

Infinity containers by Antenocities Workshop

Infinity containers by Antenocities Workshop

And to finish this post off… some more of the Infinity containers by Antenocities Workshop. As you can see at this linked post, I had already done some in the past, but I liked their design a lot, so I did more. But I felt they looked too clean, so I added some rust marks to them, both old and new.



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2 responses to “Some scatter terrain

  1. Azazel

    June 11, 2018 at 01:02

    Some great looking terrain objects there. They really look the part.


    • Burkhard

      June 11, 2018 at 16:43

      Thank you. The AW pieces are really great.



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