Star Wars Legion Royal Guards

26 Mar

To be fair… things have not progressed with the blog quite as good as I had hoped. Painted a lot, played a little but posted next to nothing. But I still want to keep it up, so let’s try to do some simpler posts now (although in the future I will try for some better photos).

So after a Holiday in Scotland earlier this month Inwanted something simpler to get back into the saddle and did some Royal Guards for Star Wars Legion this Sunday. As with the other Star Wars minis , everything was fast and simple. For a short time I had contemplated doing the armour, clothing and capes in different shades of red, but in the movies their tone for red looks quite monotone all over so I did them that way.

If anyone is wondering where there are five when the box comes with four minis… well I received two sets of legs for my heavy weapon trooper, but no torso. Fantasy Flight Games send me a replacement, but due to some computer error, that went to Ivory Coast. So they send another torso replacement but for the wrong trooper. Someone in a post office in Ivory Coast seems to have figured out that my address was in Germany and forwarded that package on (they both arrived virtually simultaneously). So I cobbled one of the pairs of legs I had together with the wrong torso, put on a lot of green stuff and painted it as well. I guess it will be largely useless in the game, since Incan not field that many troopers in the unit anyway, but I did not want anything going to waste.


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2 responses to “Star Wars Legion Royal Guards

  1. Jim Duncan

    March 26, 2019 at 20:17

    Good little squad there Burkhard, do they fight well?

    Whereabout in Scotland were you? We could have met up for a coffee.

    I’ve not been well since I last saw you in Antwerp. I have had a mini-stroke, a heart problem, cancer in one of my kidneys, emergency surgery, chest infections and intestinal infections.

    Apart from all that I am still painting figures, 10mm, but not playing much.

    We are all waiting to see if the political situation settles down to allow Crisis to be an attractive option again.


    • Burkhard

      March 27, 2019 at 06:59

      Oh blimey, that has been far more eventful time than I would have wished for you! Hope you are getting better and will stay that way!

      As far as I know it was not in your neck of the woods (Ft William area and Black Isle).

      I am also looking to see what the political situation will turn out to be. It was strange to board the ferry last week on Sunday (less than two weeks before the Leave date) and still not to know under what conditions we would be able to return or if the conditions would be so unattractive that we would not return at all in the foreseeable future.


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