Inhumans and She-Hulk for Marvel Crisis Protocol

25 Jun
Inhumans and She-Hulk for Marvel Crisis Protocol

I am trying to keep up to date with Marvel Crisis Protocol, which is no easy feat, since they are setting quite a pace. Until the latest batch arrived at my door last week (still have not found the time to unpack them), these here kept me ahead of things. With the exception of Crystal they all posed a challenge to me for different reasons.

First is Black Bolt, the king of the Inhumans. I really liked his pose and the ground being broken up by the sound waves of his voice is a nice effect. Tried to keep the painting classic (probably because he never appealed too much to me in the comics and let’s not even go into the TV show 😉), so he looks a bit bleak. But I am happy with the result none the less, probably due to his clear lines.

Medusa, the Queen of the Inhumans, gave me headaches for her trademark hair before I even started. As you can see there is lots and lots of it. But the sculpt hardly has any structure to the hair. So I was a bit afraid, that I would be able to give her enough individual strands of hair, but not to overdo it while not messing up the direction of the strands. Plus the sculpt also makes it hard to reach every part of her hair. So this is actually the first MCP mini I painted in two parts (body and hair). I began by painting individual strands over the base coat in red browns. After the second or third colour (and maybe as many hours) I came to the conclusion that no matter how many more colours I would use for additional strands, I would never arrive at a point where I would be happy with it. So I gave her hair two very light drybrushes with lighter red browns using the “new” Army Painter drybrushing brushes. And that did the trick.

Lockjaw was a big challenge to me. I really love dogs, but I hate painting them (as I do hate painting any animal for that matter). Usually I get over this by picking a dog I know and just mimicking his or her fur pattern. Now neither our dog, any of the dogs of my friends or any of the rescue dogs we were foster parents to this year even remotely resemble Lockjaws breed. So I just went with one of his early comic renditions (with pretty basic looks) and painted him up that way. Which makes the mini itself look a bit bleak. So I put a little more effort into his face in hopes it makes him pop.

Crystal by all means did not give me any problems. Nice mini, nice colours. Only thing I did not like was the wave of water supporting her right foot. To this day I cannot understand why they included clear plastic wings for Wasp but seem to be unable to do the same for this (or Cables force shield). So I just left it off. Which worked well enough. Except I broke her off at the left ankle (not where the parts are glued together but a millimetre or two above that) shortly after painting her. And another time right before this photo session. And once more afterwards. Safe to say, I will now have to do something about it. So I will probably rebuild that wave using clear acrylic. More photos of her once that is done. But to anyone thinking about doing the same and leaving the wave off… do think about pinning through her foot. I doubt the mini is going to withstand gameplay otherwise.

And last for this batch is the She-Hulk. For a while I had been contemplating swapping the iron girder she is throwing for something else. Things that come to my mind where a vending machine, porta-loo or even the TARDIS. Now I had to wait a little longer for this mini to be delivered. And while I was waiting lots of other people put all these ideas and many other good ones (including a Bernie Sanders at the Biden inauguration) into action. Did not want to feel like a copycat, so I just left her as she was. I am happy with her skin. So much so that I really regret going more of an MCU route with my Hulk when I painted him in olive greens. Only thing I am not too sure about is her face. For some reason I feel I painted it in a way that it looks like an Ancient Greek statue.

So this is it for today. The next few posts will take us back to historical subjects (including the big project that kept me from posting too much this year), some enhancements to some old vehicles and a reboot of a terrain project, all of which I hope to put the finishing touches on this weekend. So please stay tuned.

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