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Off diving

Well there will be short interruption in service till Christmas from me. As off today I am off to Egypt for a two-week diving holiday. I was there in December 2007 and while it is not the best time to dive (visibility is poor by Egyptian standards, but still far better than any European lake during summertime), it is mostly devoid of other tourists making it a real holiday to enjoy. We will be going to the western Red Sea (about 150 klicks from the border with Sudan), which is not as much as a tourist hotspot as Sharm El Sheik or Hurghada anyway, with the coral reefs being in far better shape. So it should be good.

I just hope the political situation stays calm and our return flight is not courtesy of some NATO airforce flying foreign nationals home.

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In hobby related news. I did manage to finish the Régiment Joseph Napoléon just in time before our trip, but did not find the time to take some pictures. So you will have to wait a little while for them.

Anyway… I wish you all a very nice festive season and see you in two weeks time.

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