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Empress Miniatures Kickstarter

I guess most of you who are interested in modern games in 28mm will already have seen this, but this week Empress Miniatures started their Kickstarter. It is set in the Asia Pacific region. The first forces to come out of it will be USMC (judging by the size of their previous models these should be highly compatible with Eurekas Marines) and Chinese PLA both will feature and initial five 4-mini packs.


While things are only at the beginning, they already show, that they have some real cool ideas. They said that there will be SeALs in scuba gear, or PLA boarding parties amongst future stretchgoals. And they already showed that they are listening to the pledgers by offering a Marine with a M32 grenade launcher as a stretchgoal mini or that future stretchgoals shall include Japanese or (most important for my taste) North Koreans!

Right now things are going great for them, but i suggest if this is your cup of tea… Go and take a look!


Posted by on June 14, 2013 in Empress Miniatures, Modern, Modern Chinese, USMC