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Infinity: Red Veil

Infinity: Red Veil

Like all wargamers, I am drawn to nice minis and will use any excuse to buy new ones.

For a long time I always wanted to give Infinity a try, what always kept me from doing so was, that I could not find an army / a faction where I liked all the minis. Or at least the vast majority. The. A couple of years ago they started redesigning their minis and I ended up liking virtually everything they did. So with Warzone taking a direction I did not like and me still wanting to play a more complex SciFi game, I took the plunge and started with Infinity and chose Combined Army (as you know). But could I let things end there? No!

So when the Red Veil box was released, I felt drawn to it. But could I justify another two armies? Not really. But since my mate Martin wanted to try the game as well and did not feel inspired by the minis, I had my excuse. Martin would get the Haquislam, I would keep the Yu Jing.


With the Yu Jing I went mostly with the colours of the studio miniatures, since I liked the Orange a lot. With the clothing I leaned more towards blues than greens, but this is about it. I know this is a bit boring, but I simply liked the orange. Plus it looks a little more accentuated in real life.


Now with the Haquislam I took a different route. I felt, they should look more basic, like nomadic people living in the desert. They should look like their clothing had to blend in with their surrounds, but also like it might at times take them a couple months until they could give their equipment a proper maintenance. I wanted their armour to be the main aspect of their looks. It was painted in an Israeli Defence Force Grey, which was then given some heavy weathering to make it look like the sand had started to blast paint off. Once that was done, the majority of their clothing was done in sand, brown and green colours.

I  have already painted a further 4 minis to give Martin a 300 points army with the ability to exchange a unit here an there. But unfortunately I forgot to take photos, so you will only see those later, when I harass Martin with my camera.

Infinity HVT Free Lance Stringer

Infinity HVT Free Lance Stringer

And to round things off, there is also the High Value Target, that comes with the Dire Foes box that features these two factions. I have to say, that the mini did not really inspire me, so I simply painted her up to look like some high functionary. I did her hair in bright colours as seems to be preferred in the Infinity universe.

All of these minis were paint during the spring of last year.

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