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Next batch for the Galactic Empire (Star Wars Legion)

Next batch for the Galactic Empire (Star Wars Legion)

Still in the process of catching up with minis I painted in recent months. This time it is Star Wars Legion.

Up first is the E-Web. The model did not really do to much for me at first, but once it was based I really liked it. Biggest problem was matching the colours to those of my Snowtroopers. I had never expected a heavy weapon for SW Legion and did not want a second set of Snowtroopers, so I had not written down the colours used. Still did not somit this time. So given my average luck, they will do another unit based on Snowtroopers one day. Still not 100% sure what to make of them in the game though. Played them twice. In the first game they got annihilated pretty fast due to a stinking to hit roll from my opponent and a botched Safe by yours truly. The other game they actually did pretty good.

Next are the Scout Troopers. Looks wide they were always my favourites in the original movies (Episodes IV to VI). In this sense I really liked painting them. Game wise the sniper team has been doing well, although I am still frustrated to see hoy much better the Rebel Commando Sniper team is. The saboteur team has not been doing as well due to their weak saves, but with the Red Guards and medical droids our now, I might give them another run.

While not part of the Galactic Empire and still without stats, here is my Yoda. The mini is by Alternative Gaming Miniatures. In real life he is nicer than he looks on these photos and I really enjoyed painting him. Really hope there will be stats for him with the Clone Wars expansion.

And last is my favourite mini of the lot. Probably even my favourite mini I painted last year (yes I am really doing a lot of catching up).

The model itself is gorgeous, which is only emphasised by the fact that is is completely poseable. I also used it as a test piece for my Early War German armour. I was very happy with all the fading effects on its paint, so it became a successful template for its historical brothers.

I wanted a very dynamic pose on this model with a raised foot. With its long legs the model itself became a little wobbly and I did not want any supportwires to show. Since my Imperial troops are based for a jungle planet anyway I decided to have him wading through water, with the water running off the raised foot and water splashing around the other foot.


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A game of Star Wars Legion

A game of Star Wars Legion

Last Friday night we played a game of Star Wars Legion. Not the first one, but I finally remembered to actually take a few photos.

For the mission we drew three random cards each and reduced them down per the rules. So we ended up with “Clear Conditions”, “Disarray” and “Intercept The Transmissions”.

Not the best scenario for my force which consisted of General Veers, three squads of Stormtroopers (with LMGs each and an Astro Droid in one of them), a Scout Trooper Sniper team, a unit of Speeder Bikes, an E-Web and an AT-ST.

Sven played a Rebel Officer, three squads of Rebel Troopers (with LMGs each and a Med Droid in one of them), a squad of Rebel Commandos with sniper rifle, two squads of Wookies and two AT-RTs.

On one flank one of my Stormtrooper squads, the Scouts, Speeder bikes and the E-Web faced off vs. the two Wookie squads and an AT-RT, which was later joined by another AT-RT.

The Stormtroopers moved into cover, but were outflanked by both squads of Wookies and died in the first turn, only dealing out a little damage of their own.

The subsequent turns turned into a shootout between the units, with one Squad of Wookies, already quite beaten up charging the the Speeder Bikes for little return. In the end the AT-RT was down to half it’s wounds (partially due to an orbital bombardment), one squad of Wookies destroyed and the at roughly half strength.

The Scouts perished when the second AT-RT charged them (it had been left weaponless by a goodby shot from my AT-ST when it moved to the other flank. The Speeder bikes and the E-Web had seen minimal damage by the end of turn four.

On the other flank the rest of our troops had faced off against one another.

This was a rather unenventful slugging match, where the high amount of dice from the Rebel LMGs took their toll.

This was off-set by the firepower of my AT-ST, but Sven was quite skilled at making the most of the terrain (pylons of the landing platform as well as the AT-AT docked to it), so that I could never concentrate my firepower from two units on any one of his and hardly ever was a given Rebel unit in a vulnerable position in two consecutive turns.

In the end this cost me both squads of Stormtroopers and Veers while my AT-ST was still I damaged by the end of turn four. At the same time the Rebel squads were all down to half strength.

But by the end of turn four Inwas down to the E-Web, Speeder Bikes and AT-ST, while Sven had only lost a squad of Wookies while virtually all his other units were at half strength. Since he was already well in the lead for objective points we called it a day here.

I have to say that if this had been a last man standing things would have been closer, but with the objectives it was a clear win. I was not too unhappy with the performance of my units, but they were never close to having a chance.

All that being said, it was a really fun game with quite a few lessons learned for me.

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General Veers, Snowtroopers and Luke Skywalker

General Veers, Snowtroopers and Luke Skywalker

Continuing my quest to get my forces for Star Wars: Legion together… here are some more.

Up first is General Maximilian Veers… or as like to call him General Gordon Ramsey. As good as they seem to be with the uniforms and so on, they seem horrible with faces. The face o this mini rather reminds me of Gordon Ramsey rather than Julian Glover. (BTW: Looking at the preview pictures of Han Solo, that mini rather reminds me of Nathan Fillion playing Cpt. Reynolds in Firefly than Harrison Ford.) Anyway, here he is:

General Maximilian Veers

General Maximilian Veers

Up next are the Snowtroopers. Since I decided to keep my bases in a forest / jungle theme, I did not want to do them in snow theme. The background story for the unit rather has them as hazardous environment troops rather than dedicated snow troops. So I went with tan coloured clothing and coats instead of white. For a while I contemplated moss-green coats, but decided against it, since I wanted them to still look as light coloured as possible. Which I think I pulled off. But it proved to be harder than I thought. For one I was unsure about the looks during the whole process. Which lead me to do something I rarely do, that is paint one mini as a sample. Only when I was happy with that finished product, did i go back and paint the rest of the squad. And it all took me longer than I had wanted. I had always planned to keep the Star Wars minis simple and only do fast paint jobs, but with these it did not work out. I think they all took a little over twice as long as seven Stormtroopers took me.

Snowtroopers (Unit leader and heavy weapons)

Snowtroopers (Unit leader and heavy weapons)



And last is Luke Skywalker. His uniform matches the one worn on Bespin in the Star Wars movies, so i painted him that way. Again, the face does not really look like Mark Hamill, but it can not be helped.

While painting him I was wondering one thing. Points and abilities wise he is no match for Darth Vader in the game. But since his looks match Luke Skywalker on Bespin, when he was not as skilled as he was later on,… will Fantasy Flight games later release a more powerful version of him, matching the Skywalker at the time of Endor?

Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker


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