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8,8cm PaK 43 auf Kreuzlafette

Playing late war games in a World War II setting, especially on the eastern front large-caliber Panzerabwehrkanonen (PaK / anti-tank gun) are a must to give you some edge over the heavily armoured tanks like the JS-2. The long-barreled PaK 43, both on a Spreiz- and Kreuzlafette are perfect for this.

8,8cm PaK 43 (Kreuzlafette)

8,8cm PaK 43 (Kreuzlafette)

Playing in 1:48th scale, the later is not too easy to get. But some years ago, I had the good luck to get my hands on the, now long OOP, Verlinden model. It is a very nice model, but even by modeling standards it is not an easy model to build. So I had to make some modifications to the connections between the gun and the shield to make it work out and stand the rigors of game play. But even that way, it will better be picked up by its base and not the model itself. Fortunately I have decided to base all my future AT-guns and indeed put all my old ones on bases for Battlegroup, so that will not be much of a problem.

8,8cm PaK 43 (Kreuzlafette)

8,8cm PaK 43 (Kreuzlafette)

Like the Jagdpanther, this was a testbed for the new weathering methods and I have to say… I feel it turned out exceptionally well on this model.

The crew itself is the 8,8cm FlaK crew by Warlord. It is a bit small even for their own 1:56th scale models, but I feel it still looks OK. While the gun was painted this winter, the crew was done about 15 years ago. I only redid the skin on the minis. I think that is where my technique changed the most during that time and I wanted them to blend in with my current models.

8,8cm PaK 43 (Kreuzlafette)

8,8cm PaK 43 (Kreuzlafette)


A tale of three Jagdpanther (Part one)

Some time ago I wanted to try some new weathering techniques. Namely special washes, filters and oil paints. I had three Jadgpanther models at home. Two from Tamiya, one unpainted build as an early model and one build as a late model. I had started painting the later in a 1945 pattern, but never was too happy with that, since my airbrush had acted up that day. So it needed a repaint anyway. The last was a Bandai model, but in a late version. I had bought that one used 15+ years ago with a very sloppy brush paint job. Repainted it back then, but I had gotten the colours wrong. Tried to salvage it by doing a winter camo, but that came out badly as well. So another repaint was required.

I had initially planned to form these three into one unit. That is until I realised, that under the Battlegroup rules a Jagdpanther is too rare and expensive to actually form a unit. So I decided to paint them up one each for three different settings… Normandy to Market Garden, winter 1944-45 and spring 1945.

Jagdpanther (1944)

Jagdpanther (1944)

Jagdpanther (1944)

Jagdpanther (1944)

The one above is the Tamiya early version and meant for Normandy to Market Garden.. The paint job resembles those often seen in 1944 that tries to simulate the sunlight hitting tank through a leaf cover. Not sure why there is fogging with the decals, since there is none in real life.

Jagdpanther (winter)

Jagdpanther (winter)

Jagdpanther (winter)

Jagdpanther (winter)

This is the Bandai one meant for the winter of 1944-45. It sports a very similar camo to the one above. But this time with a winter whitewash applied over the tank. I used  AK washable white for this. Which was great to achieve a look of the whitewash already starting to wear off. Since the previous owner had messed up the tracks, I had applied a mix of sand, white glue and brown paint back when I repainted it. Airbrushing the model anew had messed that look up. SomI applied two different mud pastes from Vallejo and Mig over that that. This created a nice effect like the tank had driven through wet fields at the end of winter during the thawing season.

And the third Jagdpanther.. Well that still is not finished, but it will be in a few weeks. So stay tuned.



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Additions to my Combined Army

Additions to my Combined Army

I am still in the process of learning how to play Infinity. The game has a tough learning curve and not getting to play that often does not help either, but I am getting better. Lately games have been getting closer and I even managed a win. What I found most helpful was concentrating on playing with the units I knew well and than adding a new one every now and then to see how it works for me. I found changing many units at once overtaxed me, since I had to keep too many new units in mind.

Anyway, since I only play with painted minis, this has resulted in a constant influx of painted minis.



(I am trying out some new settings here, so please feel free to click on any of the tiles for larger versions here.)

As previously shown, I went with a Havana Brown base and sandy yellow markings. But the more minis I painted that way, the more I felt something was lacking. So I added red markings from here on. And I liked that. So I went back to the old minis and added red markings to those as well (no worries… not going to bore you with photos of those).

As far as I understood the Infinity background for the Combined Army, especially the Morats, they go with a base colour for the environment they are fighting in. In this case brown for the muddy ground of the jungles on Paradiso. Over this they often apply the colours of the fighting unit, in this case red and yellow.

For the Morat units not completely covered in armoured suits (like Rodoks or Suryats) I also added camouflage clothing. With all the bright colours on the minis, camouflage does not completely make sense, but I felt it added some extra character.



Now for the Shasvastii based units I went a slightly different route. The infantry has brown armour, to tie them in with the others. But I felt they were more interested in not standing out. So no brightly coloured markings and rather camouflage clothing or capes.

And I went the same route with the Sphinx TAG.


The only units to which this colouring idea does not apply are the TAGs and drones. Those are done in a dark grey. Why… I always liked that look on the official minis.

I had always been a bit annoyed at the fact, that this meant they did not really match the rest of the army. When they released the Pneumarch of the Ur Negemony as the HVT for the Combined Army, I decided to use that mini to tie them all together. He has the dark grey armour of the TAGs and drones and combined them with the unit colours.

All these minis were painted over the course of the last 1 1/2 years.


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Painting Tartan

I know Inhave been extremely quiet for about 3 months (ouch!). I have not been idle, but frankly except for a hiking trip to Scotland I have been stuck in Germany. And the weather has been appalling. Either very wet or very cold, but never good enough to spry on some varnish. So there is a backlog that I need to show to you now that things have gone better. It has actually been like early summer for a week now. So what is up first?

Some Wolfbane Commandos for Warzone. I wanted each an every one of them to be an idividual, so I chose to paint part of their attire in a tartan pattern. I will later paint squads to go with them, so far these have been my test pieces.

Why test pieces? Well as we all know, painting tartan patterns can be a huge pain in the behind. But late last year I stumbled over a new range of paints from Humbrol. They are Emanel paints, which I have not used in well over a decade due to the fumes, I decided to give them a try anyway. They need some getting used to. First of all you need to let the pots rest for at least a week and not shake or stirr them before use (apparently the nano-particles need that time to settle into pattern). And you need to apply it all in one broad stroke. That needs a couple of attempts to get used to. But once you do, the results are great. I found it works best with a. Road dry brushing brush with long bristles (so you can really load the brush). So far they only have 4 patterns, but Imguess once this makes the rounds they are sure going to expand!

Anyway this is it for today. More to come over the next few days. Until then, I wish you a very happy start into this month! 😚


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Happy New Year

Usually I know well in advance what I want to write for this message, but this year I am writing this last-minute. It has been a very strange year. On a personal front it has been good. My self employment had not been going well last year, so I was happy to find a new job in March, even though it meant less time for my hobbies and this blog. But on the other hand this year felt like it was constantly kicking us in the private parts. No matter what kind of music, movies or art you like, each of us will have lost at least one artist that we liked if not a dozen. There was the Brexit vote, there was the US election. And there has been a huge rise in fascism around the western world. So should I really look back at 2016 as something positive? And then I came across this meme on Facebook yesterday and for me it put things into perspective.


So in this sense… 2016 might not have been great, but lets just hope, that things do not get worse. Most of us can still call ourselves lucky!

In this sense, I wish you and your families all a very safe and healthy 2017 and lets hope it all gets better!


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Merry Christmas

Merry ChristmasWell… I will keep things short today. In that sense a very merry Christmas to you and the people close to you. Hope that you have quiet and above all healthy holiday, wherever you are and whatever you believe in! 

And do not fear… Santa is on his way!

[picture courtesy of the Royal Air Force]


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French vehicles in 28mm anyone?

Some of you might remember, that the other year, I was pointing you to a Kickstarter for Hungarian WWII tanks. Well I have to say that one went quite well, and I personally was very pleased with the return. Everything was in the expected time window and the quality was superb. So that sure was a Kickstarter I did not mind backing.

Now the Mad Bob Miniatures is back with their next Kickstarter, and it is looking just as good. This time it is mostly about French vehicles, but not the standard fare, that you can easily get from Warlord games or the like, but rather those that are missing to give you a good historical force.

What I find most interesting though (as I am not looking at building a 1940 French army) are some of the stretch goals. These feature some vehicles that will be quite useful for the 21st Panzer Division in Normandy (7.5 cm Pak 40 auf Somua MCG and Geschützwagen 39H(f) with both the 7,5 PaK and 10,5 Howitzer) as well as vehicles that are useful for the minor powers or early war Germans (Panzer 38H 735(f), Hotchkiss H39, ACG-1 / AMC-35). So if some of these ring your bell, pay the Kickstarter a visit.

By the way… at the time of writing, the pledges are already just shy of 3800 GBP, so some of the strechgoals shown, have already been unlocked.


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Merry Christmas

Well… I will keep things short today. In that sense a very merry Christmas to you and the people close to you. Hope that you have quiet and above all healthy holiday, wherever you are and whatever you believe in!


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SAGA, Flemish Mercenaries

SAGA, Flemish Mercenaries

After the preparations for the Battle of Berlin game were done, I felt it was time to paint some minis for SAGA. The German Grand Melee has really re-kindled my interest in SAGA, so I am planning to paint up a few new Warbands for it. I already have Normans, Anglo-Saxons, Scots and Spanish to paint, but before I get started on those, it was time for some Swords for Hire.
I had bought these Flemish Mercinaries about two years ago. The big problem with these guys was, that their rules could not be found in any of the SAGA books, but only in their packages. So I kind of bought these unseen. So after buying them, I found they did not fit my Vikings too well. So they were just stored away. When I prepared for this years Grand Melee, I felt they would fit my Byzantines. So I cleaned the minis up and primed them. Only then did I realise, that Byzantines are not allowed Swords for Hire. But since they were already cleaned up, they made a natural choice for the first minis to get back into SAGA. Plus they should fit into some of the other Warbands and will be useful for both Dark Ages and Christian Crescent & Cross Warbands, since the rules for (Flemish) Mercinaries are similar in both.

Not much to tell about the paintjob or minis. The bugler was a but of a letdown, with lots of flash on the mini, which required a lot of cutting and sculpting. All the rest was straight forward paintjobs. The shields are all hand painted. I decided to only add some dirt to them, but no battledamage. Never liked the looks of damaged shields too much, so that was it. The colours for the shields were kept in yellows and blacks. Not too sure if those were already the Flemish colours during the dark ages, but I felt it was fitting. Some for the Flemish Lion. I kept that one deliberately simple, to make sure it fits in with medival  theme of SAGA. 

Hope you enjoy them!

Flemish Mercenaries

Flemish Mercenaries

Flemish Mercenaries

Flemish Mercenaries

Flemish Mercenaries

Flemish Mercenaries


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Crisis 2015 Antwerp picture report

As some may have noticed, this blog went to complete silence the past 6 weeks or so. The reason is simple… I wanted to make sure I finished all the terrain and minis for our game at Crisis in Antwerp yesterday. At that point I decided, that even the time needed to write a blogpost might have been too much. But it paid off since everything was ready in due time. But before I start catching up (once more this year), here is the annual picture report from Crisis showing the games hosted there! Hope you enjoy it! (I will try to comment where I know what it was.)

Up first the mandatory aerial reconnaissance of the first hall. The view is a big more restricted this year, so it does not give you the whole vista… sorry!
Crisis 2015_0080_bearbeitet-1 Crisis 2015_0079_bearbeitet-1

28mm Quatre BrasCrisis 2015_0067_bearbeitet-1

28mm FantasyCrisis 2015_0066_bearbeitet-1

15mm American Civil War

Crisis 2015_0064_bearbeitet-1

Flames of War North AfricaCrisis 2015_0062_bearbeitet-1

15mm World War IICrisis 2015_0061_bearbeitet-1

15mm World War One

Crisis 2015_0060_bearbeitet-1

28mm Waterloo

Crisis 2015_0059_bearbeitet-1

Crisis 2015_0058_bearbeitet-1 Crisis 2015_0057_bearbeitet-1

Again 28mm Quatre BrasCrisis 2015_0055_bearbeitet-1 Crisis 2015_0054_bearbeitet-1

Crisis 2015_0053_bearbeitet-1

25mm Ancients (I think Carthage vs. Rome)

Crisis 2015_0052_bearbeitet-1

Crisis 2015_0051_bearbeitet-1

Crisis 2015_0050_bearbeitet-1

Crisis 2015_0049_bearbeitet-1

Crisis 2015_0048_bearbeitet-1

Crisis 2015_0047_bearbeitet-1

Flames of War Eastern FrontCrisis 2015_0046_bearbeitet-1

Monte Casino in 28mm

Which worked out fine with the forced perspective of the Casino ridge.Crisis 2015_0045_bearbeitet-1

Crisis 2015_0044_bearbeitet-1

Bastogne in 28mm (IIRC hosted by the Bastonge Museeum)

Crisis 2015_0043_bearbeitet-1 Crisis 2015_0042_bearbeitet-1

28mm World War II (Chain of Command)Crisis 2015_0041_bearbeitet-1

Grand tactical Waterloo (with a very friendly Napoleon)

Crisis 2015_0039_bearbeitet-1

Boxer Rebellion in 28mmCrisis 2015_0037_bearbeitet-1

Lützen 1632 in 28mm

Crisis 2015_0035_bearbeitet-1 Crisis 2015_0034_bearbeitet-1 Crisis 2015_0033_bearbeitet-1

Wacht am Rhein preview demo for Battlegroup in 20mmCrisis 2015_0032_bearbeitet-1

Crisis 2015_0031_bearbeitet-1


Crisis 2015_0028_bearbeitet-1

Bolt ActionCrisis 2015_0027_bearbeitet-1

Great Northern WarCrisis 2015_0026_bearbeitet-1

Kings of WarCrisis 2015_0025_bearbeitet-1

Frostgrave DemoCrisis 2015_0024_bearbeitet-1

Freebooters Fate demoCrisis 2015_0023_bearbeitet-1

Nine Years War (Alde Garde)Crisis 2015_0022_bearbeitet-1

54mm Plancenoit (Durham Wargames Group)Crisis 2015_0020_bearbeitet-1

Ancients NavalCrisis 2015_0018_bearbeitet-1

Invasion of RussiaCrisis 2015_0017_bearbeitet-1 Crisis 2015_0016_bearbeitet-1

Mexico (Crush the Kaiser)

Crisis 2015_0015_bearbeitet-1 Crisis 2015_0014_bearbeitet-1

German invasion of the Netherlands 1940Crisis 2015_0013_bearbeitet-1 Crisis 2015_0012_bearbeitet-1

Plancenoit 1815 in 28mm (THS)Crisis 2015_0010_bearbeitet-1Crisis 2015_0008_bearbeitet-1Crisis 2015_0009_bearbeitet-1 Crisis 2015_0007_bearbeitet-1

I think this was another Lützen in 25mmCrisis 2015_0006_bearbeitet-1

Dust demo (Tactica Hamburg)Crisis 2015_0004_bearbeitet-1 Crisis 2015_0003_bearbeitet-1

Operation Longcloth, Birma 1943

Crisis 2015_0001_bearbeitet-1 Crisis 2015_0002_bearbeitet-1

Crisis 2015_0056_bearbeitet-1

And last but not least, a first picture of our Battlegroup “Fall of the Reich” demo game. Fear not… there will be many more pictures to show in the coming days!

Crisis 2015_0068_bearbeitet-1


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