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Hungarian WWII infantry anyone

Hungarian WWII infantry anyone

I hope most of you who are interested in the period have already seen this, but if not, I wanted to point you to a Kickstarter for Hungarian Infantry in WWII in 28mm.

I know there is already another company out there producing WWII Hungarians in 28mm, but to be honest… one can never have enough diversity. And I got some samples of their Hungarians when the minis from their last Kickstarter were delivered the other week and the quality is phenomenal.

So if this is your cup of tea, go and take a look.

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Hungarian tanks in 28mm anyone?

Hungarian tanks in 28mm anyone?

I have wanted to play Hungarians in WWII for ages now. Infantry is now that much of a problem. Uniforms and rifles are close enough to German equipment (or even identical) so one only needs to convert the LMG´s and SMG´s to turn WWII Germans into Hungarians. Vehicles though are tough. Some of the Hungarian designs were based on other nations designs, but just being based on them, does not mean does not mean you can just take those or easily convert them.


So I was more than happy when I saw this Kickstarter this morning. It is for WWII Hungarian tank in 1:56th scale (I would have preferred 1:48th, but one cannot have everything) and actually virtually the whole bunch of them. And it is doing mighty fine. It has been live for less than one day and has already reached its target and unlocked all stretchgoals safe two. There are still early birds available, so go and check it out!


Toldi I test cast


Toldi IIa test cast

Nimrod test cast

Nimrod test cast



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