Basicly this is about my take on the hobby of tabletop wargaming. For me it all started in 1988 when I began playing a game called Battletech. Not really a tabletop game, but it started the path to where I am today. That period of my life lasted till about 1998 when I got imersed in the first tabletop games. Still Sci-Fi, but at least using real terrain instead of boards. My first go was at Warzone and later Vor: The Maelstrom. Unfortunately I had to find, that once a game company goes bust or drops a game, you can not find players anymore. Strangely enough even your friends start to loose interest.

So I felt, that this was not the route to go. I had been to a number of mainly historical conventions here in Germany in the previous one or two years. Seeing those historical games got me thinking. None of those games required a specific set of rules… there were dozens for virtually every period of history. Some people were even playing with 1st edition rules that had seen 2 or 3 new editions already. And neither were miniatures provided by only one company.  People were playing with minis from a mix of companies or minis that were decades old. If this was the case… the demise of one comapny could not lead to me ending in another dead end. So I turned my back to Sci-Fi.

I began with the American Civil War. 25mm using Jonny Reb III.

This was closely followed by Moderns in 28mm, although I never cared too much for conflicts that were close to home, like the War on Terror (what a beautyful oxymoron) and went for a hypothetical WWIII instead. At first we used a WWII ruleset (The Face of Battle) and adepted it for moderns, but with the release of an official modern version we switched to The Face of Modern Battle.

This was only one short step away from WWII. Again in 28mm and since we already had a set of rules we liked, using The Face of Battle.

With the recent rise of plastic minis, I have also taken to Ancients and Napoleonics in 25mm. So far I had always felt, that you needed too many minis to make it a sensible choice from a monetary perspective, but IMHO now this has changed. I am still undecided on a set of rules for Ancients, but with Napoleonics I have gone for Republic to Empire.

Like any good wargamer I have a huge stock of unpainted minis. In addition to those periods mentioned above this also included a big number of WWI minis, with not a single one of them being painted so far.

Oh, and last but not least… there is one non-historical game, that I play, too. This is Wargods of Ægyptus, which is a game based on Egyptian (and if you want Greek) mythology. In 2009 I won the tournament in Canterbury, which made me the European Champion for one year. 😉

Hope this gives you some idea of what I do!


What do you think?

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