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Warzone Resurrection: Corporate Agents

Last year Modiphius Entertainment ran a Kickstarter to launch their Mutant Chronicles RPG. For those who do not know… it is the same universe as Warzone, with Warzone being the wargame. Anyway, the Kickstarter contained a number of miniatures for use with the Wargame, so I pledged. The fact that I will also get the RPG books in PDF format is a little icing on the cake. Now I had planned to paint the Imperial set up first, but sadly, that one was accidentally not shipped along with the rest and will go out this week, so I had to choose something else. I am in no mood to paint Bauhaus or Mishima right now and I am still waiting on base stamps for Dark Legion. So I picked something of universal use… Corporate Agents.

So, what are Corporate Agents actually? Well when the megacorporations that had essentially taken the role of governments left Earth they began battling each other with their military might. In order to have a forum where the corporations could discuss their differences on a purely diplomatic level, without having to resort to hostile activities, the Cartel was created. The Cartel has, with the appearance of the Dark Legion, been given a more aggressive role and extended authority to battle the new evil. This was the one place the corporations could pool their resources together to stand against the Darkness. One of their assets are the Corporate Agents. They act as an intel service trying to find and weed out Dark Legion sympathizers and as bodyguards for high value figures from the corporations. And this is, what they do in the wargame… act as bodyguards.

The set consists of two types of miniatures. The first are three actual corporate agents. Looking at the minis, the two male versions instantly reminded me of a certain movie. Want to have a guess?

So the choice how to paint the minis was easy. Although all the black suits and ties made them slightly boring, so they at least got brown shoes and belts (were visible) to break that up. Although the facial features and the hairdo does not completely match I also painted the two male agents up to be inspired by Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith.

Corporate Agents

Corporate Agents

The other two minis in the set are Iron Mastiffs. These are mechanical dogs under an artificial pelt to make them look like rear animals, while still being able to operate even in hostile environments. Extremely efficient at sniffing out heretics and as attack dogs on the battlefield. The inspiration for them came from this original Paul Bonner painting (left hand side, together with a Corporate Agent btw):

warzone art

The basing gave me some headaches. They can be used in virtually any non-Dark Legion force, so I wanted their basing to be generic. The high heels of the female agents suggested an inner city type of basing, but that is what I will be using for my Dark Legion, so I felt it would be strange, if they blended with the bases of those troops they can not join. So in the end I went for some summer grass ground, like I did on my Brotherhood minis (which serve as auxiliaries for other armies as well).

Iron Mastiffs

Iron Mastiffs

They other thing that gave me a headache was the varnish. I varnished them matt on Saturday evening only to find that it had formed small bubble in some crevices over night. I was able to fix that on most of the minis, although one can unfortunately see some of them on the back of the black agent and the dogs on close inspection. But I was in no mood to strip these, so they will have to do.

Corporate Agents and Iron Mastiffs

Corporate Agents and Iron Mastiffs

Oh and for those of you who got the pack as well but are wondering why there is no info on how to field the Mastiffs… here is the text missing from the cards (straight from the proofreading phase):

Squad Upgrades: The squad may be increased by up to three Corporate Agents for 14 points per model. Up to 2 Corporate Agents in the squad may be replaced with an Iron Mastiff for free.



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