French Napoleonic high command (WIP)

18 Sep

While I was waiting on the greenstuff to dry on my elephant for Wargods of Ægyptus the other weekend, I wanted to paint something none the less. Now I have to admit, that I needed a break from the Brandenburg Uhlanen that have been on my desk for some time (I really should have split such a large unit of cavalry into a number of batches). So I decided to paint some more French officers and staff up. I finished these last weekend and want to show you some WIP. Now these will go onto one base with the messenger, staff officers and tables already previewed in this post.

As I said before, these were either meant to be used a command base showing Napoleon or as a diorama for my showcase. In the end I decided differently.Napoleon himself will not feature on this base, but rather on another one, mounted on his horse. These minis will go onto a generic command base for an army commander. Now I know that one of them is meant to depict Michel Ney, but since I wanted this base to be generic, he received grey hair instead of red.

Now on to the minis (please excuse the poor photos, they were taken in bad light):

The "not" Michel Ney

The "not" Michel Ney

I know I forgot to paint his shirt collar white. This was corrected after I saw this picture.

French Maréchal

French Maréchal

I am not entirely sure on this one. I think he bears a resemblance to Nicolas Jean-de-Dieu Soult, the first Duke of Dalmatia, but the Perry twins never said if any of the minis from the pack he comes from represent real people. He was meant to be generic anyway!

Another French Maréchal

Another French Maréchal

French aide-de-camp

French aide-de-camp

Now this messenger forms a little minis diorama with the officers writing orders from the post mentioned above.

Staff officer

Staff officer

Now I am not sure, what kind of position he is actually to represent. At first I thought he was a commissariat official, but then the bars on his collar would have been wrong. In the end I decided to just paint him up with lots of NMM bouillon and hope it fits.

Empress Dragoon officer

Empress Dragoon officer

Red Lancer officer

Red Lancer officer

Now he was part of the reason I decided to paint these minis now. I had received my Andrea Red paint set the week before and simply wanted to try it out. This guy was just lovely to paint up and I am really looking forward to painting a unit of Red Lancers in the future! Oh and the paint set is fabulous, too. I just made the mistake to think that I could just skip every other colour in the set and dry-brush these on… it does not work that way! 😦

Anyway… these minis have progressed since I took these photos last weekend (I actually started typing this post last weekend… man I really need a holiday ;-)) They are now based with the previous minis and have been varnished. I plan to do the base this weekend and show off the finished product. If I do not forget to do so, I will also take some pictures to show how I do the decoration on my bases.


2 responses to “French Napoleonic high command (WIP)

  1. John Orzel

    September 22, 2011 at 18:23

    Today was my first visit to your blog and I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your photos and your commentary. You have done an amazing job and your painting is great. Thanks. Best regards, John

    • Burkhard

      September 23, 2011 at 05:58

      THX John,

      Really appreciated! Hope you will find more stuff you like in the future!


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