Prussian Leib-Grenadiere König Friedrich Wilhelm III. (1. Brandenburgisches) Nr.8.

09 Jun

So slightly behind schedule here is the latest addition to my Prussian forces for Möckern… the Leibgrenadierbattalion. Now for those who are constant followers of this blog, they will remember them from last month post about the 1 / Brandenburgisches Infanterieregiement (also known as IR 8), for until June 1813 the Leibgrenadiere were actually their Fuisilier Battalion. They were also named after King Friedrich Wilhelm III, for he was their nominal chief from 1808 till 1840. For all their career during the Befreiungskriege they shared very close ties with their parent unit, fighting in the same battles as they did.

For a personal point of view there are a lot of things to say about this unit. For one… it is now the largest Napoleonic unit I own. They fought at Möckern with 682 men, which translates into 34 minis plus four skirmishers under R2E (they therefore surpass my previously largest unit, the 4. Bayrisches Linien-Infanterie-Regiment “Sachsen-Hildburghausen”, by two minis). As usual minis are by Calpe, who easily turned into my favorite Prussian minis around. As I said before these were painted in two large batches and I think this was just fine, because I think I could never have stayed sane painting them in one go.

But it is a bit sad to see these done, since they were the last Prussian infantry unit I needed to paint for my Möckern game. I have to say that I have grown dear to painting Prussians by now and since this means I will probably not paint more Prussian infantry for some time, I am a bit sad. No worries, I will paint more in due time, but I need to catch up on some other projects and some other allies before I can return to Prussians. But at the same time, when I put them into the cabinet after taking the photos today… all those Prussians were a really impressive sight and I shall definitely post some group shots once the remaining artillery and officers are done.

But now enough of this… here are some pictures (I have not taken too many shots of individual bases, since the poses of the minis meant that some bayonet was always obscuring the minis in the rear rank):

Leibgrenadierbattalion (front view)

Leibgrenadierbattalion (front view)

Leibgrenadierbattalion (side view)

Leibgrenadierbattalion (side view)

Leibgrenadierbattalion (side view)

Leibgrenadierbattalion (side view)

Leibgrenadierbattalion (command base)

Leibgrenadierbattalion (command base)

Leibgrenadierbattalion (1st Coy bases)

Leibgrenadierbattalion (1st Coy bases)

Leibgrenadierbattalion (2nd Coy bases)

Leibgrenadierbattalion (2nd Coy bases)

Leibgrenadierbattalion (skirmisher bases)

Leibgrenadierbattalion (skirmisher bases)

Leibgrenadierbattalion (top view)

Leibgrenadierbattalion (top view)


30 responses to “Prussian Leib-Grenadiere König Friedrich Wilhelm III. (1. Brandenburgisches) Nr.8.

  1. Ian

    June 9, 2013 at 14:08

    These look really smart, if I was doing 28mm I would get the Calpe as well!

    Really like how tight you managed to get the red/white triangles on the drum rim, excellent work.

    I have 75 battalions to paint, glad they are in 6mm 😉


    • Burkhard

      June 9, 2013 at 14:28

      THX Ian, I am more than amazed by how well you those 6mm minis! I bet you could do those dogs teeth just was well in 28mm!

      75 battalions… given I can do one to two in 28mm a month, that would take me ages. But between the French, Prussians, British and all the others, i think i still have more to do than that. What have i gotten myself into! :-0

  2. Phil

    June 9, 2013 at 14:09

    Marvelous! A great work on the minis, and a very nice flag too!

    • Burkhard

      June 9, 2013 at 14:28

      Thanks Phil!

      Now that you mention it… i fotgot to mention in my original post. The flag is by GMB and the tassels by Hinchcliff.

  3. chris stoesen

    June 9, 2013 at 15:15

    These are great. They look fantastic. Good job.

  4. Dean

    June 9, 2013 at 18:00

    Fantastic work as always, Burkhard. I really like how you’ve translated your painting from WW2 to Napoleonics – i.e. the battle/campaign. They evoke a sense of reality missing from uniforms painted to parade ground finish (which I am guilty of too). Best, Dean

    • Burkhard

      June 10, 2013 at 00:12

      Thanks a lot Dean!

      Although I have to admit, that now some of my other minis look too pristine, but I am too lazy to do mud on a couple hundred minis now! 😉

      • Dean

        June 10, 2013 at 16:49

        That could reflect newbies/late-arrivals to the battlefield.:) Best, Dean

        • Burkhard

          June 10, 2013 at 17:10

          Well, I guess it would work for the Americans, but for the rest…! 😛

  5. The Angry Lurker

    June 9, 2013 at 19:32

    What great work, great faces.

    • Burkhard

      June 10, 2013 at 00:13

      Thanks Fran!

      BTW… I only now realized that WordPress has assigned you a logo that looks somewhat like a shamrock!

  6. John Michael

    June 9, 2013 at 22:43

    Great stuff Burkhard, very nice unit, I think you did a great job, always nice to save the biggest for last.


    • Burkhard

      June 10, 2013 at 00:14

      Thank you, John.

      Intentionally kept them for last to make sure I could work myself up! 😉

  7. Dalauppror

    June 10, 2013 at 08:17

    Stunning looking unit !!!

    Best regards Michael

  8. vonpeterhimself

    June 10, 2013 at 11:23

    A fantastic unit to end your Prussians on … … … for now.

    von Peter himself

    • Burkhard

      June 10, 2013 at 12:42

      THX vP.

      Although it only ends the infantry for now. There is still part of the artillery and as you pointed out… This scenario would be nothing without the Brandenburg Hussars! 😉

      • vonpeterhimself

        June 11, 2013 at 11:36

        Ah yes. Möckern without the Brandenburg Hussars would be like day without night .. or the Napoleonic Wars without Napoleon! 8O)

        von Peter himself

        • Burkhard

          June 11, 2013 at 22:51

          LOL… “Enjoy the new Napoleonic Wars… Now Ogre-free!”

  9. Tom Halpin

    June 11, 2013 at 01:35

    Excellent as usual,Burkhard. I’m still working on 1 Corps, Brigades 1 + 2 for Ligny, but Saga + late republican Romans keep interrupting me – so rude of them!

    • Burkhard

      June 11, 2013 at 09:06

      Thank you Tom.

      I know what you mean about other topics keeping interrupting. Right now my main aim is to get these done. After that I will have an extreme change doing some Sci-Fi for the rest of the Year. During the winter it will be WWII (really need to work on my Brits) before I return to Napoleonics. I found it best to structure things that way, but that does not mean that you never want to do something else at a given time!

      • Tom Halpin

        June 11, 2013 at 10:23

        Yes, Burkhard, you are right, of course.

        My mountain of unassembled, unpainted fantasy figurines are always playing on my mind. If I had any spare cash, I’d be looking at Bolt Action Japanese for Operation Squad – good job I can’t afford them! I really need to improve my self-discipline. 1st bat. 28th LIR ex 1st Berg IR next, a nice change from blue and grey!

        • Burkhard

          June 11, 2013 at 10:51

          You can not imagine how large my mountain has grown. And I botched my New Years resolution not to buy any new minis, when I bought more Tau and pledged big on Warzone Resurection. But I guess that is every Wargamers bane. At least there are other things draining m money these days, so I cannot spend as much either. Lucky me! 😉

          Berg Infantry… they should really be a nice change! What minis will you use? I think I read somewhere, that they wore covered Prissian shakos at Ligny, but I may be mistaken there.

          • Tom Halpin

            June 11, 2013 at 11:57

            I agree, we all have those mountainous burdens to bear!
            As for the Berg, I have used Herr Hofschroer’s The Waterloo Campaign vol I, his Osprey M-A-T 192, Peter Bunde’s U-Tafel 166 and sought advice from the very knowledgeable Peter Fitzgerald. They definitely had Prussian covered shakos at time of Ligny, proabably greatcoats too and possibly packs. Officers and sergeants were Prussian so in Prussian uniforms, not sure re musicians and standard bearers and, of course, both regiments only received their official Prussian standards well after the 100 days campaign.

            I was advised by Mr. Fitzgerald that their uniform jackets were more similar to the Austrian pattern than French so I intend to use Victrix plastic Austrians for the majority of rankers, adding spare heads and packs from Perrys’ plastic Prussian infantry, and using greenstuff to sculpt greatcoat rolls. Herr Hofschroer states, in his Waterloo Campaign, that so many officers and sergeants had been killed or wounded by French sharpshooters on 15th. June, their Prussian blue uniforms marking them out, that FM Blucher ordered remnants of both Berg regiments to wear their greatcoats on 16th to reduce risk. I was intending to represent this solely by using some of the miniatures wearing greatcoats from the Victrix French infantry set, having swapped heads and done some slight resculpting, but now the Perrys have brought out their marching Prussians wearing greatcoats, I shall make several sets of these my next purchase. I think I’ll still convert the Victrix French as well as I’m sure some, maybe many, of the troops would still have had French style kit, given the impecunious state of the Prussian kingdom.

            I’m looking forward to the challenge but I shall probably do a battalion of 2nd Westfalian Landwehr in between each of the Berg just for a rest! I would like to have these done and be working on the 1st Silesian Hussars and both brigades’ artillery before the end of the year but I have promised I shall finish my Saga Welsh before I recommence work on the Prussians. Ich bin Kelt vom Blut kein Englander, deshalb die Welsher/Cymri mir wichtig sind! 😉

            • Burkhard

              June 11, 2013 at 23:42

              Wow, this must easily be the longest comment anyone has ever written here!

              Anyway… I think the information you got on their uniforms is quiet correct. This about sums up what I have read about them in the battle reports I have read.

              Personally I would use use non-greatcoated minis, even if I was only planning to use them for Waterloo and not Ligny. I think their white uniforms with blue officers are just too nice to pass. So far I had always thought about using Perry French plastics as a base, but now that you mention it… There is a copper print of them attacking a small bridge at Ligny and the uniforms on that print look more Austrian than French if my memory serves me right. So that choice might be just perfect! And it sounds like a great conversion and I am really looking forward to seeing them in flesh!

              I can understand your interest in the Welsh. With a lot of my ancestors being from Prussia, they have a special place in my heart. And so do Wales (and Scotland), which is why we are going to spend our summer holiday there once more.
              Regarding the Welsh in SAGA… My friend Martin is playing them a lot, but I always felt, that they were not the nicest force to play. If your opponent has an aggressive style of play and does not care about fatigue, if his force contains a lot of cavalry or if his force is generally more offensive in their abilities the Welsh have an extremely hard time. I have not seen them being played, but I think from a game perspective, the Strathclyde Welsh might be a better force and retain the Welsh flavour.

              • Tom Halpin

                June 12, 2013 at 10:48

                Praise from the master! I shall post pictures of WIP but my camera is not a good one. Many Berg soldiers did remove their greatcoats at Ligny because they were too hot so there is scope for a mixture of miniatures, which will not look “tidy” but will be more historically accurate.

                As for Saga Cymri/Welsh I am yet to play a game. I am trying to persuade at least one person to begin a Saga warband at my local club but with little success so far. A Very British Civil War is popular here at the moment. I received my plastic Wargames Factory Numidians yesterday. These shall be converted into Bonnedig javelin men and slingers. All we poor Cymri can do is use the terrain and try to whittle down the enemy’s numbers before melee !!!

                • Burkhard

                  June 14, 2013 at 15:21

                  Hi Tom, now you humble me!

                  The more you describe it, the more it sounds like you will have a very nice selection to paint there! Really looking forward to them… Bad camera or not!

                  I think the biggest problem with the Welsh in SAGA is that their javelin range equals the movement distance of cavalry or infantry making a double move and taking fatigue. When your opponent has cavalry or is willing to take the fatigue going into combat (for example my Vikings were always good enough in close combat not to care) you have a hard time doing the hit and run. And there are not enough SAGA dice to always slow your opponent down with your abilities.

                  BTW… I think we share more than one hobby. I am a scuba diver, too, have a love for dogs and I guess we have a lot of similar albums in our shelves. 😉

                  • hippo

                    January 2, 2016 at 05:14

                    Great work. What kind of product did you use? Calpe charging prussians or advancing prussians?

                    • Burkhard

                      May 29, 2018 at 17:26

                      To be honest… I can not tell for sure, but I think it was advanvcing.


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