New additions to the Empire and a few pesky Rebels (Star Wars Legion)

04 May
New additions to the Empire and a few pesky Rebels (Star Wars Legion)

Work did not cease on Star Wars Legion. Up first , some time last summer was the Occupier tank for the Empire. Even though vehicles are often a dead end in Legion these days (since they can only score on some missions), I really liked its look in Rogue One, so this was a must have for me. Just like the AT-ST I did before I wanted it to have a worn look. So it received a good amount of faded and chipped paint, streaks and grime.

Up next on the list was Bossk. Not much to say about him. I as with the other minis, I went for colours based on the movies.

Last year, there was also a very fine gentlemen named Mathew Y. who had and extra Han Solo and Chewbacca and who was giving them away for free, as long as the recipient promised not to sell them on but paint them. By sheer luck I was the first to contact him and these minis started their long journey from Alaska to Germany. All in all these were nice models to paint, but also quite a challenge. It took me quite some time to find the right brown tones for Chewie.

Han on the other hand was easier (I went for the colours he wore on Endor), but his face was a challenge as well. Always felt that this mini looked more like Nathan Fillion in Firefly than Harrison Ford. But in the end he turned out fine.

The faces on the newer Star Wars minis are far better and this clearly showed on the Jyn Erso I painted at about the same time. Finding the right colours for her clothes was more of a problem though, since the light is quite different for ever sy planet Rogue One took place on, making the colours look different on every one of them. In the end I found some prop photos which helped a great deal.

Then there was quite some time when I did not paint any Legion problems. The retailer of my choice accidentally did not reserve my shore troopers and still has not received a restock. When it came to the Dewbacks, FFG delivered the first batch with the wrong size of bases. So I had to wait for them to restart delivery. Again I went for the classic movie colours. There are some really fine Dewbacks in alternative colours out there, but I still went for the classic green lizards.

And last are the new Stormtroopers upgrade. Again classic colours. Painting the these, I just wished that that FFG had added Pauldrons to the heavy weapon troopers in the starter set as well, since they really add some contrast to the minis.

May the Force be with you!

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