Khemru for Wargods of Ægyptus

28 Sep

Today it is time to show the Khemru I painted for Wargods of Ægyptus recently.

Now you will know the unit of warriors from the previous WIP post, but now their bases are done, too. After I applied the varnish, the gems got a brush on coat of high gloss varnish to make then stand out. Unfortunately they do not do so on these photos.

Khemru Warrior Unit

Khemru Warrior Unit

I also finished the Beastmaster. As the name suggests, he commands animals and leads them into battle. I chose an elephant for him. And since he has the option to ride that elephant into battle… well I think you can see where I am going with this.

Beastmaster on Elephant

Beastmaster on Elephant

I almost forgot that I might need another mini for the tournament. As much as I hate the fact that this might happen, the elephant could get killed. In that case the Beastmaster would have to fight on, on his own, so I needed a dismounted version of him, too.



I hope these will do me proud this coming Saturday at the tournament in Canterbury.

On a related note. We will be spending a week hiking in Wales afterwards. Since we do not expect to go all the way there after the tournament, we decided to spend the night in Nottingham or more precisely in Derby since we could get a better hotel for less there. Now the funny thing is, I know that there is a show in Derby on Saturday and Sunday. Must be a first me… being in a town when they have a big wargaming show and not going there… live can be funny at times!

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