Getting started

13 Apr

Well I guess times have caught up with me. When blogs first emerged a couple of years ago I simply thought that all they achieved was senseless ramblings. But over recent years that has changed. I have found a number of great blogs, which convinced me, that there is something more to blogging then first met my eye. Plus I find myself more and more lacking the time to update our clubs homepage  ( So I decided to start a blog, too.

So what is this about? Well generally speaking… about the biggest of my four hobbies… tabletop wargaming. Although I fear I will mention the other three from time to time as well. So you can expect posts about minis painted, projects being worked on and games played.

Speaking of which… projects. Last week it dawned on me, that I already had my projects planned until 2018. I am not sure if it is pure madness to plan this far ahead (a topic I opened on seemed to suggest that I am the only one), but this is the way it is right now. There is one show a year, that is the main event for me. That is Crisis in Antwerp, Belgium. Eventually there will be other shows to attend, but this one holds a special place in my heart. So what have I planned for it?

  • Well for this year it will be most likely be a WWII game, since it will be 70th anniversary of Operation Barbarossa. The nice thing about it is… I already got the minis and terrain for that covered.
  • For 2012 it will be Gettysburg or at least part of day one (Archers and Davis attack on the fields around Willoughby Run from 1000h to 1200h). I know that the battle of Gettysburg was in 1863, so this will only be the 149th birthday, but since I have different plans for 2013, it had to be one year early. And again… I already have the minis and terrain covered.
  • So what is so special for 2013? It is the 200th birthday of the Völkerschlacht von Leipzig (Battle of Nations) and I want to depict Yorck´s attacks on Möckern. Now this will be a hard one, since I have no terrain for it yet and the only minis painted for it so far is a battery of Prussian artillery which should be finished this coming weekend.
  • 2014 will see the 70th anniversary of the Normandy Landings, so that was an easy pick. Again most of the minis and all the terrain are ready, so this will buy me time for 2015.
  • Obviously it will be Waterloo in 2015. My plans right now are the massed cavalry attacks, but again… the numbers of painted minis are ridiculously low, so this will be even more work then Leipzig in about as little time.
  • I have no plans for 2016 and 2017, although I am sure that one of those years will feature Quatre Bras, since I will have most of those minis ready when I am done with Waterloo.
  • 2018 will see the Kaiserschlacht for its 100th birthday, but only on a skirmish scale.

As you can see, there will probably be lots of Napoleonic minis to be seen in the future on this blog. We shall be starting off this weekend with the 54ème Inf. de Ligne, the 12ème Cuirassiers and the Preussische Fussartilleriebatterie Nr. 12.

I hope I have not completely come full circle here, in the sense that I have only provided senseless ramblings. But since I do not want to end a post without any pictures… here is one of a Prussian artillery officer. The mini is a 28mm Calpe Miniatures Horse Artillery Officer. I painted him for the 12th Btry., but he will not end up on their initial bases, since I felt, that he looked a little out-of-place. He will find his place once I tackle the wagon park, but until then, he will be all by himself. Just as I am here right now. So comments will be appreciated! 😉

Prussian Artillery Officer

Prussian Artillery Officer

Rear view


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3 responses to “Getting started

  1. Ray

    April 13, 2011 at 20:00

    Yes it is pure madness, having everything planned out, for me it never works!!
    Welcome to the world of blog!!!!

    • dhcwargames

      April 14, 2011 at 08:44

      THX Ray,

      well for me it usually works. My only fear right now is, that I will be really really stressed out in 2013 and 2015. So I am still taking bets if I will even make it!



  2. Rana Furqan Ali

    May 17, 2011 at 14:38

    I dont know what to say. This weblog is wonderful. Thats not really a really massive statement, but its all I could come up with right after reading this. You know so considerably about this subject. So significantly to ensure that you produced me want to find out a lot more about it. Your weblog is my stepping stone, my friend. Thanks for the heads up on this subject


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