Bauhaus Armoured Hussars “Juggernauts”

19 Apr
Bauhaus Armoured Hussars “Juggernauts”

Following on the heels of the Vulkan suits are my Armoured Hussars.

Amongst the rank and file of the Bauhaus armed forces, the Armoured Hussars are the elite. When the distinguished veterans of the Hussar regiments are given the choice of unit, many of them pick the Armoured Hussars. Made from the best of ceramic armour plating and Venusian armour they are extremely resilient, are the best personal armour in the stellar system and have earned themselves the nickname “Juggernauts” amongst the troops of the other corporations. As with the Vulkan suits their internal climate control systems make them well suited to the harsh climates of the polar regions of Venus. The only concession to their cold area of operation is that the armorers of the 23. Gebirgssturmbrigade had to change the valves and hydraulic pipes to accommodate hydraulic oils that do not clog up in the arctic conditions. These changes have been officially accepted by the Bauhaus high command as the XO-102(W) “Stahlmantel” (“[full] metal jacket”) variant of the armoured suit.

Bauhaus Armoured Hussars (1st squad)

Bauhaus Armoured Hussars (1st squad)

Bauhaus Armoured Hussars (1st squad - rear)

Bauhaus Armoured Hussars (1st squad – rear)

Bauhaus Armoured Hussars (2nd squad)

Bauhaus Armoured Hussars (2nd squad)

I really, really liked these models. When Prodos were running the Kickstarter for Warzone Resurrection these models were originally designed as the Vulkan suit. When pledgers commented that they were too small and light to convey a realistic Vulkan suit, Prodos commissioned the models shown yesterday. Which I think was a good idea, since these models would really have been too small. But Prodos did not want this concept art to go wasted and created a new unit type to use it, which are the Armoured Hussars. Which in my humble opinion was a great idea, since these models are far too nice to have been wasted.

Bauhaus Armoured Hussars (group shot)

Bauhaus Armoured Hussars (group shot)

The models themselves took me longer than I had wanted. My original plan had been to just paint them in the greys I used for the armour on the Hussars. I airbrushed a base coat on and then top down sprayed them with the highlight colour. Next I painted the weapons, engine pipes, hoses and uniform (showing through the gaps in the armour). Problem with that was… It was virtually all on the rear of the minis. So the only points of colour to the front were the blue panels on the arms with the yellow Bauhaus cogwheel and the green eye slits. So thinking that they required more colour I painted the larger armour panels on the torso and legs in blue. Which was well enough, except that all the grey and blue still looked bleak. So I added yellow markings to the blue areas before I was happy.


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4 responses to “Bauhaus Armoured Hussars “Juggernauts”

  1. Dean

    April 19, 2014 at 16:45

    Very cool figures, Burkhard – along with the previous Vulkan suited one. I’m curious to see how they will be gamed. Best, Dean

    • Burkhard

      April 20, 2014 at 19:57

      Thanks Dean. The two types actually look pretty cool together.

      Not sure how the game yet. As you know, I never play with unpainted minis, so I am waiting to get enough painted. But actually this should not be too long anymore, since these have brought me over 1000 points, which should make for a good game!

      • Dean

        April 22, 2014 at 01:35

        Same here, Burkard. Something not right about unpainted minis in games – I saw this routinely at Games Workshop stores – when I had dabbled in it a bit. My stuff was all painted though, for the record. Best, Dean

        • Burkhard

          April 22, 2014 at 06:55

          Funny thing… it was seeing GW games at conventions with all those unpainted minis that created this aversion to playing with unpainted minis as well! I guess great minds think alike!


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